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  1. I got the same problem with EDDF a KORD airport. No runway data
  2. Hi all I've installed PMDG MD 11 on FSX SE and the legacy SDK and it works fine. Just a few loose ends with GSX lol
  3. mc64938

    PMDG 777ER

    Thanks andrew a kyle for your reply
  4. mc64938

    PMDG 777ER

    Hi is this normal for the 777er. I did tutorial flight same as the 777LR. I did the same fuel a weight the trim value not the same instead of 2.75 was set at 5.75. Is it because the airline is slightly longer then the 777LR or is it a bug?
  5. I'm flying the 777-200LR/F after i deleted raas pro no freezes just normal flight. Ive flown for over 10000 hours. Fsx uses alot of memory so does raas pro it's a good idea to run 4 or 8 GB on memory ease the freeze problem. The 777 does pause or freeze for number of mins or seconds i do have alot of memory even a good processor. I purchased raas pro from aerosoft shop thought it was a good turned out that it's the problem with all freezes on fsx uses too much memory.i hope there be a fix. Pmdg 777 works fine.
  6. Auto time compression is set at 4x said in the tutorial 1. From there can cause problems.
  7. I know what freezes 777s raas pro. Well i did uninstall sp2 and reinstalled it repares fsx cfg. See if that has fixed freeze fault?
  8. I've had no problem with take offs . Works fine for me Yes ryan is right its like in real life.
  9. Hi here's a suggestion If you got RAAS unlocked edition delete it because it has a bug or it's causeing freeze or pause problems with 777's and other aircraft. I found it out with my md11 never freezes or pauses on my FSX when I installed the unlocked edition RAAS my md11 paused for 5min before TC at 320. I uninstalled RAAS start up my FSX flown my md11 from A to B no pause at all. Even pmdg's 777 never paused or freeze. It might pause for a sec depends on AI traffic or day turning to dusk or as the manual says visual memory. The PMDG's technical team are looking deep into the problem hope to be a fix I hope you all enjoy flying the 777 it's a really a good aircraft and a excellent model.
  10. mc64938

    777 freezing

    Hello I did the tutorial flight on 777 to OMDB I was flying over the sea then bam it frozen on my fsx. It's a good model of the 777 but it freezes on my fsx I hope there be a fix soon
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