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    Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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    about 24 years and currently living at civil aviation prohibited area RK-P73 below of Seoul metropolitan city. Called out military duty in about 2 years at Wonju Airforce Base(RKNW) from 2010 april, After years of 2012 may when reserved force service about 8 years at Seoul AB(RKSM).
  1. u2em

    FSX throttle issue

    Are you operating the Windows 8.1?
  2. u2em

    Adding scenery to FSX scenery.cfg

    I has similar problem, but editing .cfg files were not applicable. FSX GUI malfunction is showed up every Windows 8.1 operating computers. It would bypass clicking blank position on 'Open Directory' dialog. Select the scenery folder, and click OK, and click somewhere blank. Scenery will added.
  3. Hi I don't want to use Mouse Yoke on FSX. But that is sometime, engaged when adjusting the Knobs by right click. Unwanted the Mouse Yoke could to increase B777 Freighter and other plane's Pitch axis or Bank angle to crack fragile goods and a passenger to make vomit. So I'm finding methods to disabling mouse yoke. have a solution?
  4. u2em

    Fuel leaks on apron, cruise

    Yesterday I did reinstalling whole PC system. It's contain such as OS, FSX, PMDG... Then that has getting no more fuel leaks on short flights. (RKSI-RKSM, RKSS-RKJB) Reinstall is seem all good solution in past, but that is causes of scratching FSX and other software DVD.
  5. u2em

    Fuel leaks on apron, cruise

    I saw similar situation this forum, at previos winter: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/437476-motherboard-z87pro-clock-reset-and-the-ngx/ I'm using ASUS P8H61MX motherboard and trying to check battery, BIOS Firmware.
  6. u2em

    Fuel leaks on apron, cruise

    I didn't use piracy software Flight Simulation. PMDG was stolen my $89 money
  7. u2em

    Fuel leaks on apron, cruise

    Fuel system failure options, and other options are not selected. Runway taxi during, center tank fuel quantity is reduced to 0 lbs and Next I cut the center fuel tank of the engine valves (left and right of the tank is still available) Over time, the left and right fuel tank is 0 lbs, the engine attempts to stop. FMC using the 'fuel action' (civil airline air refueling!), That time has passed, repeat the leak. If the response is late refueling, hydraulic system, electric system is stopped, and ditching the sea