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  1. isaactennisrf

    AutoGen Malfunction

    Ok will try, thanks
  2. isaactennisrf

    AutoGen Malfunction

    Hi all, I would just like to point out this nasty problem on my brand new P3D v3 today. So when I fired it up, I was flying out of KPHL and I noticed that half the area had autogen and half didn't. I've never seen this problem before, so its really puzzling me. I really dont understand how it could be so messed up? I mean no matter how high I turn the autogen It does not work in some spots! Specs: 4790k @ 4.4ghz GTX 980 8GB ram Sincerely, Zak S
  3. isaactennisrf

    Someone help me understand this......

    Okay I will try that
  4. isaactennisrf

    Someone help me understand this......

    What tweaks do you think I should be using in my fsx.cfg? I have affitiy mask=14, and usepools 0 tweak and FFTF=0.01 anything else? I also turned my load radius down to the lowest settings. I used to be able to get 20-25 fps in the same position....I dont know what is going on.
  5. I was recently applying some tweaks with Nvidia inspector, and fsx.cfg (Affinity mask 14, 84, 256) and my game got into this weird crazy thing where it used the CPU to about 90% but yet still only acomplishing 10-15 FPS.(Im not high in VAS either, still hovering around the 2k mark in VAS) Now this is in SunSkyJet's KPHL with scaled back settings, and I'm running a mid range system (i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz, GTX 680mx, 8GB ram, 64bit windows 7) I just don't understand how I'm getting such poor FPS. I'm frustrated because I payed a lot of money for the system that I have and I want to use it to its full potential. NOTE: I understand that FSX is a finicky sim, which randomly does strange things but this doesn't make sense! I would really apreciate how/why I am getting such poor frames. Addons: ASN PMDG aircraft UT2 REX Various free/payware scenery packs SEE ATTACHED IMAGE VIA GOOGLE DRIVE: Zak Schneider
  6. isaactennisrf

    777 Licence Not Working!

    Okay sorry about that, and also, I already changed the Flexnet
  7. isaactennisrf

    777 Licence Not Working!

    I just purchased the PMDG 777 today and sure enough when I loaded it on to fsx, it said: "Installation of licence library failed." and when I start the aircraft , the gear does not work and niether does anything in the Virtual Cookpit. Now before people tell me that ive pirated it, I just BOUGHT it today, and got my confirmation email too. So there should be know way, that could be an issue. Please help me out, ive been getting really frustrated trying to figure this out. Please if you know anything, please reply, I want to get to flying this great FSX addon! Now I've tried: 1. Restarting my computer 2. Deleting everything relating to PMDG on my computer 3. Redownloading the file
  8. Hi so I have this issue when on flights my textures disappear. (Light blue boxes all over the map) This is primarily on water and sometimes though, it follows me (The plane). This is a crippling issue and I would really appreciate it someone could help me out. Thanks, Isaac. PC specs: Core i7 GTX680 8gb ram 27inch display
  9. Ok im ripping my hair out, I was using flight simulator x just fine a day ago, then I was just screwing around with some settings of start up state in the pmdg 737 and now suddenly it starts up in this weird blend of cold and dark and default. Before you say it, I know, I should be able to turn on the pmdg 737 from cold and dark but I dont, and to be perfectly honest have no intention of learning. It is of no use to me. MY QUESTION: How to make ALL planes start up in the default engines on irs aligened and so on, how do you set so it all goes back to default setup. Thanks, isaac