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  1. chook233

    Fuel temp low & oil temp/press event

    I have to agree and am looking forward to that one. Cheers Michael
  2. chook233

    Whatever Happened To Realair?

    Hi Bert, thanks for the info. Michael
  3. chook233

    L-39, Anyone Still Fly It?

    Hi, that will be the best decision you made today and probably all week. I guarantee it will make you grin and you will dream about it. I gotta get a life! All the best Michael
  4. chook233

    Radar Contact Not Tuning To Atis

    Hi, you might like to check on your audio control panel that the mic light for the correct com (left?) that you are using is lit up. Press on the button. Hope it helps Michael
  5. chook233

    L-39, Anyone Still Fly It?

    Hi, actually it is very common for these soviet era aircraft to be retrofitted with western type avionics. And using a mouse to click on knobs is hardly more realistic than clicking on the numbers directly. A practice I have seen other developers implement. Regards Michael
  6. chook233

    Whatever Happened To Realair?

    Hi, re the GTN units. Do they integrate into most aircraft via a 2D popup such as with the realityXP gauges? With my other RealAir aircraft I have always left the FS GPS installed in the panel and used the realityXP gauges on a second monitor. Then even if using external views I could still operate the GPS. I have always loved this feature. Cheers Michael
  7. chook233

    L-39, Anyone Still Fly It?

    Hi, just like the RealAir SF260 in FS9 I cannot praise this aircraft highly enough! I purchased it (a few years back) because a respected reviewer claimed it had a flight model equal to or better that the 260. I doubted it but thought it was worth a try and eventually had to agree. It's all about energy management and the L39 has much more energy to manage. Great fun! Add to that very good special effects with raindrops and cockpit icing and it is very rewarding to fly in IMC and although very responsive it is quite stable. I have thought about getting other similar aircraft on occasions but then realised that the reason I was thinking this way was because of the fun that the L39 was already giving me so what would be the point. Lotussim L39 the original and the best. Long live the king. Cheers Michael