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  1. winjarra

    A Guide to, Getting the most out of the PMDG 777

    Hello David, it looks like your guide is no longer available on that URL, anyway i can get it? BR Steve
  2. winjarra

    Step Climb

    Thanks, will try that on the last leg of my world tour. OMDB - EHAM. EHAM - SPIM - NTAA - YSSY - VHHH ( then nostalgia IGS 13 while in the area ) VTBS - WSSS - OMDB - EHAM
  3. winjarra

    Step Climb

    Hi thanks for he reply and comments, I'll give that one a try. Never realized how old the the thread was until you mentioned it. I was looking for something else i was curious over and saw this thread. What i was originally looking for was why the T7 makes a steep climb at the step waymark, it feels like the planes rushes to get to the new alt as quick as possibe. Have i done something wrong, is it normal or can i program the accent attitude in the FMC? 4000f/m seems rather radical to me.
  4. winjarra

    Step Climb

    Nope, i am flying at this moment and just watched the ALT change from FL390 to FL410 without any input from myself other than configuring the STEP (2000) in VNAV and auto climb initiated, my initial ALT of 390 from PFPX was set in FMC when setting up the flightplan. Froogle or Matt Davis forget which shows this very clearly in their tutorial.
  5. winjarra

    Step Climb

    From what i gather, if you have set the FMC for auto climb, it still will not auto climb This is what i have learned. EX: Initial alt FL390 your flightplan advises final ALT as say, FL410 You check your flightplan in the FMC, go to the waypoint after 390 that says 410 Type in /410S If you do this then you do not need to reset you ALT, it will do it automatically Oherwise you need to set manually just before the climb.
  6. Hi, noticed and issue while flying a route EHAM - SPIM. Mid Atlantic, the engines shut down and restart 2 seconds later, on their own. This is repeated 2 times then all is back to normal. Failures are disabled. I have latest update on the T7. FSX with all updates ( Acceleration ) Flightplan - PFPX W&B - TOPCAT Weather - ASN Any Ideas?
  7. Hi, This is my setup, what should i change to stop the stutter and low FPS in FSX. I thought i had a high end setup. ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z mother board AMD FX - 8350 8-core 4.0GHz clocked to 4.5GHz Radeon FX 7950 3gig GDDR5 GPU Kingston DDR3 12 gig RAM 2 TB Seagate SSHD WIn7 64bit Thanks /Steve
  8. winjarra

    Best Airport addon Video I have ever seen

    Well it is Russia you know....