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  1. Glad you liked these. They add up very fast ..... a few months of hitting the V key and I was up past the 1 Gb mark, and after just over a year was nearing 10 , lol ! Mind you I saved many of these in PNG format which is a bit memory hungry.
  2. So with my FSX sim pictures folder nearing 10 Gb, I figured I should do some spring cleaning and whittle it down to a more manageable level. Here's a few from the 'cutting room floor' ........ Is it any wonder why we love this 'Orbx' thing ?
  3. Just tried now, again (CYWG local time 11:20 AM). Orbx website OK, but can't get onto Forums. Same error for me ...... on three different computers, going on day three ! :mad: Looks like a lot of the simming community is in the same 'boat' based on the many posts here. Hopefully will find a 'paddle' soon ? Must be web hosting error of some sort ? .......... or gremlins
  4. The lights and neon was a manual edit to the snapshot via Picasa ..... Glad you guys liked it ! :smile:
  5. Who needs Vegas ? FSX with FTX Global, Vector, Orbx's KPSP, REX Essentials Plus w/OD shown with light edits.
  6. Hi Anxu00, The lights are done through picasa photo editor. Glad you liked them. MZ. Thank-you, everyone. :smile: Happy New Year !
  7. Jan.1.2016 ......... The dawn of a New Year in the Vail Valley of Colorado. A few hardy, extreme, late, .. late night revelers can be seen outside erasing the 'festive side-effects' :blink: with strong cups of 'java'. The 'Party Bus' will soon depart and life will slowly return to normal. Happy New Year from KEGE ! :rolleyes:
  8. Thanks, guys for the kind comments ! :rolleyes:
  9. A Bay Area flight from KFSO to KMOD in the RealAir Turbine Duke V2, featuring REX Essential Plus w/OD, FTX Global and Vector...... Thank-you, for flying along !
  10. Hi Jim, Thank-you, for your help. I will give FSUIPC a try. Cheers, Milan.
  11. Hi Jim, You hit the nail on the head here. Exactly my situation right now - g3d.dll CTD's in Orbx PNW. Thank-you, for the advice, and I will give FSUIPC a try. Milan. (PS. Does FSUIPC come with an uninstaller, or is it easy to remove, ... just in case it doesn't .... for some strange reason work for me ? I couldn't find any info re this on Pete's website.)
  12. Hi Jim, I also posted a similar query over at Orbx in their forums and got the following response from one of the developers : " FSUIPC is a basic essential for FSX. Pete Dowson's dll's and box of tricks make FSX run and let all the addons sing in tune ! ". ... So I will try it (the unregistered version first, ..... if all OK - then will get the full paid version). Cheers, and Thank-You for your guidance, Milan.
  13. Hi Guys, I am running essentially a vanilla FSX Deluxe Edition installed from DVD's with REX Essentials Plus w/OD, UT2, AccuFeel V2, several payware planes from Carenado/Alabeo/RealAir, and Orbx FTX Global and Vector for scenery. My config file has only the AffinityMask, HIGHMEMFIX=1, WideViewAspect=True, ForceFullScreenVsync=1 tweaks. Been running error free like this for months. I have a couple of weeks ago purchased the Orbx FTX PNW Region as a new addon to my existing FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector. Prior to the PNW addon, I was flying everywhere, including from KSEA to CYVR without issues. Now, for some strange reason, everytime I fly in PNW (the new, freshly added region) I will eventually experience a freeze-up of FSX, followed by a popup which states 'a fatal error has occurred...checking for solution to the problem', followed by a message that FSX will close and restart, followed by a message that smartassembly is required ??. Then FSX restarts with the main menu screen and my flight is 'gone'. Windows Event Viewer always points to a g3d.dll file/module of some sort as being at fault. I only seem to get this error and CTD in FTX PNW Region. I only have Global, Vector, and PNW from Orbx, so far, and no other scenery addons whatsoever. I have scoured various forums and posts for answers to this crash, but no luck.. The only potential answer I found so far was to try FSUIPC ? What is it ? Does it work for these types of crashes ? Is it compatible with my addons (REX , UT2, AccuFeel etc.) ? Is FSUIPC easy to uninstall, should I decide to do so at a later time ? Does anyone have any other suggestions to try ? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated in resolving these CTD's. Cheers, and Thank-You, in advance, Milan.
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