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  1. I realize this may be an open-ended question, but am trying anyway. How do I make the PMDG and Aerosoft A330 VC's, as well as others, look smoother and more realistic? Have seen many videos on youtube where the VC's look incredible. I know having a higher-end system helps and I've taken that into account. I've tried different settings, but haven't found a sweet spot yet. Am looking for something that also won't kill the framerates, if possible. My current system is an MSI Z390 mobo, i7 8700 3.2Gb "Coffee Lake" chip, RTX 2060 6Gb vcard, 32Gb Corsair "Vengeance LPX" 2666 RAM, 40" 4k TV @ 1080P. Also using Active Sky and ORBX with it. Can anyone give me some tips for changes, or screen shots of their settings for use as a guide. Also, is there a way to make the view through the default VC higher and with a better downward angle in particular for approach and landing? The default view seems a little low. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanx.
  2. Am thinking of upgrading to P3d V5, but need some info first. I have 4.5 already. Is v5 a free upgrade? If not, what's the price? Am on a limited budget. How will it affect aircraft already have? PMDG, Aerosoft, Carenado, stuff from Simviation, etc. I really don't want to have to re-purchase or re-download everything? This is my current system : MSI Z390 Gaming Edge, I7 8700 3.2Ghz, EVGA RTX 2060 KO, 32Gb Corsair "Vengeance LPX" 2666, Win10 64. Will this system handle it OK? In general, what kind of framerates or settings can I expect? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
  3. Just got the PMDG 777-300ER. Downloaded just fine, but when I tried to install it, it said I had to update my PMDG 777-200LR. Went to the PMDG Ops Center to update my 772, but the Ops Center says my version of the 777-200LR is too old to be updated to a newer version. It has an updated version # for the 777-200LR, but I can't access it. What are my options? I really want to install the 777-300ER. Any help is appreciated. Thanx.
  4. The thing is, I'm currently using a T.Flight Hotas X, and use a rocker switch on the throttle for rudders, since I'm not able to use separate rudder pedals. It works pretty well. But as I mentioned earlier, I'd like to upgrade to a Honeycomb system, and I'm wondering if not being able to use rudder pedals will cause any major difficulties with any aircraft I fly (commercial or GA) with the Honeycomb, since I won't have a rocker switch type access to use for rudders. Will setting auto-rudders to (ON) in the P3d setup compensate enough for the lack of pedals along with using steering only? The reason I'm asking is I don't want to shell out that much $ for a Honeycomb Yoke if it causes problems that can't be dealt with, even though the Honeycomb is a better system. Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Am wondering if there is a high quality/study level A350 for P3dV4. Did a search online and couldn't find anything that seemed very impressive. If there is one, can someone please point me in the right direction. If there isn't one, why not? It seems like it would be something many people would be interested in. Also, on an unrelated topic, am probably getting a Honeycomb Yoke & Throttle, but due to setup reasons, am unable to use separate rudder pedals. Can it be used easily without rudder pedals? My current setup uses a rocker switch for the rudders and works pretty well, but want to upgrade. Any info is appreciated. Thanx.
  6. Not sure if this is the place to ask this, so forgive me if it isn't. Am thinking of getting the Honeycomb Yoke & Throttle, but can't find any info on how long the usb cables are. Also, if they're not long enough for what I need, can they be extended somehow? Any info would be appreciated. Thanx.
  7. This may not be the correct place to ask this, but am not sure where else in the forum to ask. Am trying to download addon liveries for the Aerosoft A230/21 pro for P3d V4. Am logged into Avsim with my account, but can't download any liveries. It says I'm not logged In. Can't go through the Aerosoft website either, because there is no livery manager, and the Aerosoft forum will not recognize my login info. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanx.
  8. The Aerosoft A320 I bought is compatible with P3dV4. Otherwise I would not have bought it. If it's not supported, why would aerosoft respond to a support ticket with instructions for a possible fix to my problems, instead of saying its not supported. Other than the issues I'm having, it works just fine. I just need the issues fixed.
  9. Recently purchased the Aerosoft A320 Extended for P3dV4 and am having some issues. First let me say that I would have gone to the aerosoft forums for this but could not start a topic due to it not accepting my login info for the forums. Everything downloaded and installed just fine, but I'm having the following problems : 1) I cannot access the Aircraft State, Checklist, Aircraft Doors and Ground Services LSK's on the FO MCDU because they are greyed out. 2) I can't turn on both the inner displays, the ECAM displays, or the Capt.'s MCDU. 3) I have no throttle response. I already sent a support ticket regarding these problems to aerosoft and they suggested re-installing. but I already tried that with no luck. The only thing I could think of is maybe I had a corrupt download, but I've also re-downloaded it with the same results. Any info on these problems would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, and I hope everyone has a Happy ( non-covid ) New Year. Be safe.
  10. Tried opening a new acct at PMDG, but can't because it recognizes my email address and it won't let me open a new account with the same email address, but with a new password. I only have 1 email address. But when I try to log in with the email address & password, it says it's not valid. How can it recognize my email address to open a new account, but not during log-in? That doesn't make sense to me. So I can't start a new topic in the forums, or try to get to customer support. If I cancel my acct & open a completely new account, I'll lose all support for what I already have (737NGXU, 747-400, 747-8 & 777 ) correct? So that's prolly not an option either. BTW - I am NOT having any of the issues I'm having with the 737 with any of the other a/c.
  11. Tried the A & shift-A mentioned above with no luck. Am not getting any internal views at all. VC, overhead, pedestal, etc., nothing. External views are fine, except the landing gear is not showing now on external views. Would go to the PMDG site, but can't. The site will not let me log-in. It says my email and/or password is incorrect, which is not possible as I have it written down ( yes, it was written down correctly, I have gone there before w/o any problems ). I can't even access the Ops Center, since after I updated it, it no longer works. Am frustrated to say the least. Not sure what my options are at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
  12. I've started having an issue with the PMDG 737NGXU while running P3d 4.5. For some reason, when I start a flight, the VC will not show up now. External views are fine. When I try the drop-down view list, the VC still doesn't show. Any suggestions on a fix will be welcomed. Thanx.
  13. I went to simviation and downloaded some SAAD version addon A350's just as I have done for many other aircraft. They included texture files, effects files, etc. After I installed the aircraft, that's when I started having the issue with the black desktop. P3d and all the aircraft ( inc. the A350's ) work just fine. I simply can't access the desktop anymore because it's completely black. I cannot get it back unless I quit P3d. The only thing I haven't tried yet is deleting the P3d.cfg ( I don't want to make things worse ). I removed all 9 of the SAAD A350's I installed inc. the effects files the readme file said to put into the main effects folder. It didn't fix the problem. I also just tried some things mentioned in the forum link provided above, with no success. I simply need to get the desktop to show up again in the background so I can access it for ActiveSky, etc.
  14. Am currently running P3d 4.5 with windows 10, and have recently started having a black screen issue. Whenever I start up P3d, it immediately blacks out the desktop screen, so I have no access to anything running in the background such as the taskbar, ActiveSky, etc. I first thought it mite be an issue with the SAAD version of the A350 I downloaded from simviation since it didn't occur until after I downloaded them, but I deleted those files, and it didn't fix the problem. I haven't run into this before, so I have no clue how it happened or how to fix it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
  15. Am running P3d V4.5 and downloaded some SAAD A350's from the simviation website. The first one ( LATAM livery ) worked fine on a test flight, but now something weird is happening. When I open P3d, it works fine, but the desktop goes black, so I don't have access to the taskbar, Active Sky, or anything else I mite have running. It didn't happen before I downloaded the new aircraft, so I know it probably has something to do with that ( I think ), but I have no idea what, why, or how to fix it. If anybody has an idea what's going on & how to fix it, I'd appreciate it. Thanx.
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