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  1. Okay I'm considering updating the products. But, I need to know, if I uninstall the PMDG products first, download the installers and install them again, is that it? Maybe I'm just too scared to mess something up. But maybe it's also that I'm too stubborn and rational to uninstall a perfectly working product, but hey, maybe that's just me :) Tom,
  2. This is what I meant, but I said it in a more chaotic way :) Tom,
  3. Hello pilots! As we all know, PMDG has released updates for their stunning products somewhere back in June or July (can't really remember, I had final exams around then). I own the complete NGX series, 777 series and the updated 747-400 V3 for FSX. Now, as I said earlier, there are updates for these products. However, I actually do not see a reason to update these, and I mean the 'uninstall-and-reinstall-the-product' update. Why? Well, I've had six (yes, six!) big crashes with my FSX this year. These crashes very from an addon scenery file that just completely disappears, to FSX crashing when I start the game, this all with me not changing anything. You may be wondering why I tell this. Most of us PMDG users know their way around a computer. I definitely don't. When a big crash in my simulator occurs, 1) I freak out for like two hours before even getting the courage to try and rectify the problem, and 2) I'm entering my graduation year this year, so, I do not have the time, nor the knowledge to rectify such problems. And now my FSX is in a stable position, and I've had before that just uninstalling something and reinstalling the same problem crashed my sim completely. Now, I know that lot's of people are going to say that I just need to upgrade to P3D, and they're probably right. But, I've spend around €1000 on FSX, PMDG products (whom I absolutely love) and scenery products. Upgrading to P3D means that I need to spend all of that money again, maybe even more, because P3D software is expensive. Furthermore, because I'm in college, I only fly three to five flights per week. So all of these factors lead me to conclude that I'm actually not going to update the superb PMDG products. But I want your opinion, because am I just refusing to 'eat the apple because the pear was not tasty', or do you think it's reasonable what I'm saying? :) Love to hear from you! Sincerly, Tom van de Wetering (Sorry for my not 100% grammatically perfect English, I'm from the Netherlands).
  4. Hello folks.. I have a big problem.. When you load up the game, you see Microsoft Flight Simulator X on your screen, right? And after that you have the menu, and that's my problem.. My menu is stuck in the bottom right corner if my screen and I can't move it (okay, only when i go to setting and click in the title settings, then i can move it..) And the only thing I can see is about 1 quarter of the screen. :( And after I clicked on for example missions, it the side bar disappears.. Please help.. Sincerely Tom van de Wetering Oh and for me, re-installing is not an option. This is only a problem on the admin Account, and my other two accounts it is not..
  5. So when you say static aircraft these are only parked at the gate and won't move?
  6. Hey! I am deeply interested in the UK2000 EGLL scenery.. And my question is: "Does this scenery pack come with AI?" The reason I want to know this is is because I have "the World-of-ai" AI mod.. And if it doesn't, what is a good payware AI? ---------------------------- Tom van de Wetering
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