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  1. Hello i am using X-Plane 11.40 and would love to integrate the RXP750 Touch inside the Default C172 and the Carenado FA33 Bonanza. I could integreate the 750 in to the FA33 however only the popup is active. THe Gauge of the 3D Cockpit is still just black. Cheers Stefan
  2. Hello, i had to reinstall my RAAS. Unfortunately it is not showing inside my Sim Menu and it is also not working. I use P3D V4.3 and my RAAS Version is (04.09.2017) downloaded from Simmarket any idea about to fix that? Cheers Stefan
  3. Hello, any Updates here? I got the same issue with missing Global Ground Textures Cheers
  4. HI i have the same problem. Have you installed a Airport Scenery for Toronto City? I had the CanadaSim Toronto City Scenery and saw no CN Tower. But i could not say if i had the Tower bevor installing this scenery
  5. Hi and thx for your answer. I dont use any AI Traffic tool. My Texture and Mesh Settings are very high. But anyware the issue is there. I try to build a compleet new FSX CFG look, the issue is gone. It hase to do with something inside the CFG. I really wont to use my old CFG, becuase it was good for me. The question is, what can cause that issue inside my CFG... Greetings
  6. Hello Jim, i do not have the DX10 Fixer in use anymore. I try it out but go back to DX9 Mode. The Picture was taken in DX9 Mode. And in DX9 Mode i have that problem. My question is, is the issue because of uninstall the DX10 Fixer. That there is some setting that the uninstallation do not change? The other question is, why is that only in North America ? Cheers Stefan
  7. Good Day, i try the DX 10 fixer, but now i have again DX9 in use. I have now some problems with US Default Airports, that the Ground is flickering. Here is a picture: http://prnt.sc/cn24qi That is the KLAX Default Airport, i dont have any Mesh Scenery in use. This is FSX with Acceleration Pack I cant remember that i have that problem before i try the DX10 Fixer. I have only use the uninstall function of the DX10 fixer. Any Idea ? King regards Stefan
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