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  1. Well After less than 1/2 hour with spadnext, all three panels are working in MSFS. Simple default profiles, but they work and it seems as though this is the way I am going to go. What a breeze. regards to all that responded, I appreciate the time and effort. Joe
  2. I am still shaking my head over this. What I get from the replies is that the plugin works differently for different people. It works no problem for chock. fogbound turtle uses spadnext. rayharris uses spad but still doesn't work. and some need to patch the registry. I only have default planes installed: super deluxe. I will give it another go today after I get caffeined up. I appreciate the responses. More later.
  3. I just took out FSUIPC, thinking that might make a difference. NONE! @filou does starting MSFS start the plugin? or must it be started by itself? Downloading spadnext trial.
  4. filou thanks for the reply. I have switch different ports and forgot to mention that when I test the panels with the test software they test fine.
  5. Hi all It's me again! I have the Logitech (Saitek) Switch, radio and multi panels. I am trying to get them to work in MSFS (2020). I had them working fine in FSX. Here is what I have done: 1. Watched pilot Studd's video 2. downloaded the latest plug in available. 12/2020 3. Installed said plugin 4. In control panel set power management NOT to turn them of to save power. 5. Started MSFS (via FSUIPC) 6. Panels don't work 7. Check to see if plug in was running via task manager ---It wasn't. Exited MSFS. 8. Started plug in by running as administrator 9. Checked task manager to see if it was running it was. 10. Started MSFS (via FSUIPC) 11. Get notification that Logitech plugin is already running. I click ok. 12. Plug in disappears from task manager. 13. MSFS loads and panels don't work. I have washed and repeated I don't know how many times. Still not working. Anyone have any other ideas? I'm fresh out. Thanks in advance Joe
  6. Dogmanbird said "try mapping to "throttle axis 1, 2 or 3" instead of increase and decrease." I did this and it solved my problem. @DaveH go to ALL in the controls menu, go to power management and find throttle 1 axis and map your throttle to this and throttle 2, 3 etc. if necessary. see if that solves your issue. As you can see I am new to MSFS but not to other flight sims and am still trying to figure out my settings and peripherals. Good luck.
  7. It's "funny" that should be your answer. I woke up this morning thinking that I should look into that and map to axis 1 or 2 instead. I'll give that a try. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I've another problem: I can map my throttle axes INCREASE THROTTLE AND DECREASE THROTTLE and that is how they show in the controls. In the plane (makes no difference which aircraft is chosen) the throttle in the game does not move until the HOTAS is almost pushed to the stops. I have tried changing all parameters in the sensitivity settings in numerous different combinations. The behavior in the game remains the same: the throttle does not move until the HOTAS is almost pushed to the stops. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
  9. MARKDH, Thanks for the reply but it is all sorted. Didn't want to work when the other trackir was also plugged in. thanks again
  10. Thanks for the reply. I have made sure that I have TrackClip selected and I have turned up the brightness of LEDs but not all the way. There is a window to the side with the blinds shut, but I will try covering the window with a fleece to see if that changes things. I decided to check my TrackIR 3 for the light level. It had no problem detecting the reflector for it. But I decided to unplug the track IR 3 (it was plugged in at the same time as the TrackIR 5). The TrackIR 5 detected detected the clip so perhaps it was a conflict with both being plugged in at the same time.
  11. Hi all, I am having difficulty getting my Track IR 5 to work in MSFS (2020). I had it working once. Even in the Track IR software I cannot get it to recognize the hat clip. The red lights are all that light up, never either of the green. I have used track IR 3 in FSX without problem. This is what I have done: I have down loaded the latest software. I have made sure that MSFS 2020 is located in game profiles. I have installed and reinstalled several times. I have tried plugging in to different USB ports, i have both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. I have tried the F9 pause/unpause. I have even put the hat clip close to the device in any number of different ways. am sure the room is dark enough. No luck I am currently restore to an earlier restore point but I am not holding my breath. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Restore to earlier has not changed anything.
  12. I have been flying sims since mid 90s. I enjoy them immensely. And I purchased MSFS last September. Only have been able to get to it in the past week due to myriad reasons. After making sur everything was updated, I tried setting controls and spent 4 days in frustration trying to successfully complete a flight. Long story short finally did it today in the Cessna 172 from Williamsport PA to Wilkes Barre PA. What a sim! Almost everything on ultra with a 1080 TI 11G at 30FPS. I am thrilled! Still have some controls and assignments with my X55 to sort out and get away from using the keyboard. But I am on my way.
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