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  1. These two products is something I will definitely buy! Plus the X-Plane version of 737/747/777 Keep it up guys!
  2. Hum yep I see...but there are some RNAV departures...what do you then? Yes sure...It engages usually at 400 FT right?
  3. look if you need to cross some waypoint at a certain speed, u should set that speed restrictions on legs page right after the waypoint. Also...make sure you're taking off with VNAV engaged.
  4. I'm gonna buy it in a couple of weeks (11th June ) *-* cant waiitttt
  5. Sign the post before Kyle notices you :ph34r: :ph34r:
  6. I'm getting more and more excited with this. This release will be awesome..but the 737NGX and the 777 releases will just kill FSX/P3D/FSX-SE!!! Everything!!! I'm the first buyer of those 2 airliners but looking forward for this one too. I really hope everything is going well!! Keep It UP GUYS!!!
  7. I must say I'm a FSX user and I'm very happy with PMDG's Products. PMDG: As soon as either NGX or 777 or even the 747 (I'd prefer the 777/NGX) are released for X-Plane 10...I will switch...Not thinking twice Thank You
  8. Kyle you did a great Job indeed Congratulations Cheira!!
  9. OK good job It's not a problem for me at all since if I do my own CLD DRK panel state it will work fine, but it would be good to have it fixed Thank You
  10. Ohh ok right (I'm not an english native-speaker) Btw I used the installer I used yesterday to reinstall it (I bought it yesterday)...would that be a problem?
  11. Well I don't know whether or not I have radar since I haven't got ASN yet.... I'm wondering in getting the SP2 Beta but not sure if it works with weather radar!!?
  12. Ok I will reinstall the PMDG. Btw I did some tests and that issue just happen when running one of defaults panel states I'll do it now and let you now in minute I reinstalled PMDG as you said in the 1st post. The panel states are sill there...
  13. Thank you Kyle I'll do some tests today and if you have any information about those warnings "Fuel" and "Anti-Ice" please tell me Thanks
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