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  1. Will try it without Envtex, but i'm a bit unsure what the best way is through Endir.
  2. Seriously what is going on lol This is flying early morning eastbound just leaving the UK. The sun is rising from the west (pic 1) instead of the east. The reflections on water are from the north and the lens flare is from the east???? And the moon is in the east... PMDG777 Envtex ASP3D All latest versions
  3. Bit strange that is has only appeared after the latest HF
  4. So since installing v5 HF2 I get rain inside the cockpit? Screenshot is in a default aircraft. Using Active Sky.
  5. Sounds from PMDG as if they won't update the 777 officially to v5 anytime soon. Will you update FS2Crew earlier? Because the 777 is already compatible
  6. My fix is going into Airport Design Editor, Load Default Airport, it will tell you what APXXXX.bgl it's located in. Then go ahead and delete the OBXXXX.bgl in that folder. It will remove all default objects (but also from nearby default airports). EDIT: You can ofcourse rename it to .OFF instead of deleting it, that's safer.
  7. How to fix it: rename everythint named "manche#" inside the MKStudios sode SimObjects folders to something original. E.g. IRELAND1, IRELAND3 etc. Then do the same for the configs and files inside and the files inside the SODE xml. The error is caused by all jetways of MKStudios sceneries being called MANCHE01 etc. Theyre duplicate.
  8. I have it too. GTX 1080 8GB. For me it happens when the VRAM hits the max (6.7GB). OOM 2020...
  9. I have it set to Medium, but when i'm close enough to the ground all the lights are there, it's just that they pop in/load too slowly
  10. No-one else has this issue with slowly loading night lights?
  11. Hi all, I'm using 4.4 but still have problems with night lighting (FTX Lights). It's loading in way too slow, which causes me to see it popping in at lower altitudes. In the picture you can see what I mean, there's way too few night lights. Is there a setting which causes it to load in faster? I have 0 problems with regular texture loading.
  12. Hi all, I'm on P3D V4.4 with ORBX, EnvTex and PTA and my water tiles now look like this... Notice the dark squares in the middle of Tropical Ocean tiles. It's also like this near every shore. How do I fix this?
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