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  1. Carenado's FMS isnt able. But if you install GTN750 mod...
  2. There's one song of Metallica. Its called "Sad but true".
  3. Thanks a lot. Don't need their support. This editor is all I needed.
  4. Can you post that here? I'm not registered in simforums but I'm interested in topic.
  5. I don't speak english well so I'll show you. First preselect the NAV source with this knob (small one). Then click that button. Just look at picture (preview on click). Hope it'll solve your problem as I understand you right.
  6. Left mouse button clicks on large knob switch between 100's and 10's, on small knob - between 1's and 0.1's.
  7. Yeah. EagleSoft Citation X has one for more then 7 years. They (Carenado), I'm sure, can do it but don't want somehow. Maybe it's just a business.
  8. I don't know how to send a private message. So I try to ask here. After switching the batteries on aircraft model tells to flightsim that the landing lights are on. It doesn't display anywhere visual but when I use some third party addons they indicate that landing lights are on. Can anyone tell how to fix it?
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