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  1. Carenado's FMS isnt able. But if you install GTN750 mod...
  2. There's one song of Metallica. Its called "Sad but true".
  3. I'm wondering why do you need exactly this one, not, for example, 9A-DWA?!
  4. Ray, yes, I know it. But someone started the conversation about mach speed hold so I was confused
  5. That's exactly what I'm talking about: maybe the speed is too high...
  6. Guys, I see on screenshots above that your approach speed is at about 200 kts. Try the next technique for approach and landing (as it is in flight manual): 1. Reduce throttle to 65-69% N1 in tower proximity (20-15 nm to rwy). Your speed in clean configuration will be around 180-195 kts. 2. Before capturing GS (1 dot below) set flaps for approach (8 grad). 3. At 2200-2500 feet AGL gears down. 4. At 150 kts flaps for landing (20 grad). 5. At 400 feet AGL A/P off. Lazy fellows can keep it on Keep in mind that Vref is between 93 and 111 depending on weight. 6. At 50 feet AGL spoilers extend and a liiitle bit yoke up. 7. After touchdown throttles to idle, flaps in ground position (40 grad) and apply full brakes - antiskid will help you. Well, this is my receipt for smooth and gracious landing. If anyone wants I can make a video proof. Happy flying!
  7. I think it's the matter of rudder controller absence. I have the same problem, not in CJ only.
  8. Thanks a lot. Don't need their support. This editor is all I needed.
  9. Mouse wheel dials. Clicks - switch between registers.
  10. Left mouse button clicks on large knob switch between 100's and 10's, on small knob - between 1's and 0.1's.
  11. Can you post that here? I'm not registered in simforums but I'm interested in topic.
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