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  1. MSFS is working well for me, however, the only issue I have is when I complete (or abandon) a flight and want to return to the main menu on the welcome page, MSFS closes instead. This is not like a CTD, it exits cleanly. When I remove the Community folder, MSFS will return to the main menu, as expected, so the issue is obviously being created by one of my addons. Before testing each addon, one at a time, I thought checking herr to see if this was a known issue would be worthwhile. Does anyone know if there's a specific addon causes this behaviour?
  2. The latest release of Envshade by TOGA Projects fixes this, and a few other things in EA. It is about €5. In my opinion, it was worth it, because who knows when/if Lockheed Martin will fix anything 😉
  3. Thank you both Jim and Jon for the additional information. It gives me a better appreciation of the great job PMDG have gone to of modelling these systems. One of the things I love about flight simulation is all these additional layers I learn about, and the willingness of people like yourselves to share your knowledge
  4. Thank you very much @JRBarrett for taking the time to explain this so well. I've never got this sequence right, so I'm looking for to following these steps in my next flight on the 747!
  5. What sequence should the fuel tanks be used in the B744 and B748? Assuming there is fuel in the centre tanks, I tend to use it first and then use fuel from the outer tanks first, in this sequence: At takeoff all the pumps are on and cross feeds open. After takeoff, close (turn off) the cross feeds between engines 1&2 and 3&4 and let the centre tanks feed fuel. Once the centre tanks are almost empty, turn off the centre pumps. Once tanks 1 and 4 are almost empty, turn those pumps off and open (turn on) the cross feed valves. I've tried understanding Chapter 12 of the PMDG FCOM manual, but it's not clicking, so if anybody can point me to an easier explanation, that would be great. Thanks, Pete
  6. I was having similar issues with these DLLs. I applied all the steps that have been suggested and reduced my graphics settings and it did help, but didn't completely fix it. I then ran Windows System File Checker (sfc /scannow from a cmd window with Administrator rights) and the associated DISM commands. It reported errors and automatically fixed them. Since then P3D v5.1 has not had any issues and I've been able to increase graphics settings up again. I have at least 100 add-ons for scenery, aircraft, gsx, etc. so it makes sense to me that a system file became corrupted with all those installations. Hopefully it works for you too!
  7. Anybody know if there is a way to deal with the horizontal line that acts as a ground shadow/filter which is present when using Enhanced Atmospherics? Here's a link to a screenshot The line I'm on about is highlighted in yellow. Thanks, Pete
  8. Think it might be the AIG models and Traffic files.... Check if the <location of AIG>\AIG_Addons\AIGAIM - OCI\Traffic Files\scenery folder has lots of Airline schedule bgl files. If so, then that's probably what's populating the traffic, as well as the LM ...\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Scenery\World\scenery\trafficAircraft.bgl file. I just rename that file otherwise you get the great AIG traffic with a few Orbit & World Travel models as well.
  9. Just completed a flight in the QW787 NZAA-CYVR after updating to 5.1 HF1 (all components). I made sure TrueGlass was disabled from the start and there were no issues whatsoever.
  10. Moved to SimToolkitPro recently from ProjectFly. It is great to have all the tools I use like Navigraph charts, Simbrief, ASP3D, etc all in the one app. The only issue is I think STKP is more accurate than ProjectFly at measuring landings and I am struggling to land Airbuses or the 737 at less than 200fpm when landing by hand. I've blown a few tyres on the 737 recently from landing heavily in crosswinds. Anyone else noticed heavier landings being reported in STKP? Any tips for making those 'like butter' landings? Thanks, Pete Gordon
  11. Like most of the others here, with HF2 and Windows 10 2004 I find V5 much smoother and stutter-free than I could ever make V4.5. Some compromise on VRAM-hungry settings is needed, but other than that, no stutters. The only exception I've found was using Live Map, in SimToolkit to track my flight. It uses a lot of CPU, so switching to tracking using Navigraph fixed this for me. Hope you manage to sort it out, as V5 is worth the move.
  12. The previews from Flightbeam at the end of June look like LFBO isn't too far away.
  13. The site was unavailable about this time yesterday, but at least there was a message to say it was under maintenance. Now the URL address isn't even recognised
  14. Hopefully Feelthere will get there eventually and fix their E195. It has good systems, but there is so much that could be improved with the Feelthere product. I think you should just stick with the Virtualcol product for now.
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