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  1. Thanks Mark, I will pull together my pc spec and post it to gather advice on whether or not it is sufficient, Regards, Brian
  2. I would like to purchase a ~50" UHD tv as a monitor for either FSX or Prepar3d. I need to know the basic spec for a UHD tv. Assume that most of the available vendors know little/nothing about flight sims; and are in fact are really TV only "authorities". I'll add, that I: (1) am not a techy; (2) prefer to spend more time using the sim than tweaking the performance; and (3) live in Canada which means recommendations on vendors and tv model numbers probably won't be applicable from most users on this forum. Can someone give me the most basic spec that I need to ask for? Many thanks, Brian
  3. Thanks for this Ted. Is there a chance you could help me understand the difference in the various Hz and refresh rate capabilities ? For example, why is 30Hz preferable -- I would have thought higher rates, 60 or 144, would be better. And what refresh rate is acceptable. I have alternatively read 40 ms and 20 ms? Again, IT tech is not my strong suit, Regards, Brian
  4. I'll start by saying that I am NOT particularly tech savvy. This may explain why my questions seem a bit stupid. My interest is in flying the sim not tweaking the pc so I'm hoping to get direct practical advice. I have included my current system spec below. My current sim is FSX boxed, but my target sim is most likely Prepar3d. Questions: 1. (4k tv spec): I am really turned around trying to understand what specs I should be requiring for a ~50" 4k TV. Any simple direction (and rationale) would be appreciated; 2. (My PC capabilities): I suspect (??) that my video card and RAM are both deficient for Prepar3d. If yes, what should I spend on upgrading to? When it comes to RAM, what spec should I request? 3. (FSX boxed versus Steam): My experience has been with FSX boxed/Acceleration. Does the Steam version work any better -- or pretty much the same? Current System: - (CPU) intel i5 - 2500k (OC at ~4,4GHz) - (GPU) MSI Geforce GTX 1060 (3gb) - (RAM) G.Skill Ripjaws X (2x4GB) - (Monitors): Three of: Asus VH238H 23". Per Question 1 (above), I am wondering whether my current system would support a ~50" 4K TV -- if yes, what is the minimum TV spec? OTHER Hardware: - Various Saitek devices (yoke and quadrant; pedals; trim wheel; 8 of PIDs; 2 of radios; 1 of multi-panel; switch panel). Add-On Software: - ORBX Global, Vector and PNW Thanks, Brian
  5. Thank you Ted. That helps. I still have a few related questions so I'm going to post a new string, Regards, Brian
  6. Hello Pete, Thank you for your response. Any practical advice is appreciated. Am I correct in understanding the the one "spec" element I need to assume for a 4k TV is that it runs at 30Hz? Also, any chance you know how to compare the relative GPU workload(s) for three (3) 24" 1080p monitors versus a 50" 4K (30 Hz) TV? Regards, Brian
  7. I'll start by emphasizing that I am not tech savvy. My question is what specification(s) should I be seeking in sourcing a ~43" 4k tv to use as a monitor for FSX and/or P3d? What specs should I avoid? My current system specs are: - (CPU) intel i5 - 2500k (OC at ~4,4GHz) - (GPU) MSI Geforce GTX 1060 (3gb) - (RAM) G.Skill Ripjaws X (2x4GB) - (Monitors): I currently run two of: Asus VH238H 23". My intent would be to either add a third monitor OR replace with all with the 4k TV OTHER: - Various Saitek devices (yoke and quadrant; pedals; trim wheel; 8 of PIDs; 2 of radios; 1 of multi-panel; switch panel). Thanks folks, Brian Vancouver, BC
  8. Thank you Bert. If it installs ok after everything else is loaded, I might as well wait to consider it, Regards, Brian
  9. I'm having some difficulty sorting the wheat from the chaff on this subject. I am contemplating going with a single ~43 inch 4K tv instead of three 24" 1ms 1080p monitors. I am running a 4.5GHz (OC) 2500k cpu and GTX 1060 (3GB) gpu. AND, I'm not terribly tech savvy -- thus my question. Currently use FSX/Acceleration, but am likely to migrate to X-Plane 11 and/or P3D v3,4. (Reasonable 4K TV spec): What minimum, reasonable criteria should I assume in sourcing a TV? Hz? other?? I am hoping to not make another hardware purchase mistake! Regards, Brian
  10. DX10 Suggested? Is there a potential benefit in enabling DX10 in my situation (Win 7; FSX / Acceleration; ORBX Global, NA, and maybe Vector)? If yes, a couple questions: 1. (Steve's DX10 Fixer): I understand (??) that I would need to download and install this in order to realize. If yes, can anyone direct me to the instructions to install? I have thus far only installed a clean install of Win 7, FSX/Acceleration. 2. (Operation): Once installed, does it then run automatically whenever I load FSX -- or is there a step(s) I need to do each time? Thank you, Brian
  11. I am doing a clean install of FSX / Acceleration, ORBX Global and NA (then possibly vector) on a Win 7 pc dedicated to flight sim use. I'm admittedly not terribly tech savvy so excuse my questions in advance. The setup includes a large suite of Saitek controls and instruments. My questions are: 1) (FSUIPC versus. SPAD): Is one better -- easier to use; and more stable -- than the other? Is it necessary to install both?; 2) (Saitek device drivers): Is it necessary to install the related Saitek drivers if I am using FSUIPC or SPAD?; 3) (Install Sequence): If using either FSUIPC or SPAD, should I install it before or after the FSX install -- does it matter? Also, Should I install it/them before or after the Saitek device(s) install? And; 4) (Operation / Use Startup): If using FSUIPC or SPAD, do I launch it before launching FSX? Thanks all, Brian.
  12. Thanks, that helps, Brian
  13. Thanks Bert, I hadn't heard about that before. I will take your advice, but am curious, is Vector not known to provide a material benefit? Although I already had it, my earlier setup crashed before I got around to installing it, Regards, Brian
  14. Got it Eric -- thanks.
  15. Thanks for the advice Eric, Unfortunately, I just renewed the video card with a GTX 1060, but with only 3GB. I'm now learning that it is likely not adequate for X-Plane, if true, I'll likely have to stay with other sims. As for the OS, I am running Win 7 Home Premium, so it sounds like 16GB is pretty much the max available. That said, the GPU might have limited me out, Regards, Brian