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  1. Since last 3-4 Flights i'm landing always with Low Visibility ~2000m and OVC003/OVC004, at 500' FO always say Not Stable Go Around ? What I'm doing wrong? ILS Stable on LOC and GS, Vref + 7, Flaps 30, Checklist Compleate, Lights on...What are Criteria to be Stable?
  2. Same to me and green bar says flaps one and we get full, same on Aproach. Even in After Start procedure where we say nothing about flaps and we get full.
  3. Two Things i think are Isue: 1). After starting Preflight the F/O always push the External Power button, so if the Airplane was in tourn around state he disconnect power suply 2). During flight with A319 when the Approach Speed is 130 (as in FMC) F/O always saying "Check the Speed".
  4. Have someone of You problem with turning off the Seatbelt signs at the gate after landing?
  5. So, after first flight: 1). After Landing i told: Start the APU, he answered but he didin't turn them On, 2.) When i said Ok to clean up, he turned off all the Lights, Taxi lights, as well. 3.) F/O open the door Front Left and Right no Front and rear on the left side, so when i'm using GSX i need to open rear door manualy.
  6. Would be posible to add two this two things?: 1. After landing when Taxing FO turn off the Windows heating, when i'm flying with HGS it's very dificult to keep focus on Taxiway and Turning that back ON. Maybe will be posible to change flows so that the Heating will be turned off first after engines are off. 2. When i'm flying Visual approach after base turn i would like to turn off the Flight Director, why i can't do this with voice command "Select Standby" or "Flight Director Standby". That is verry anoying to take the Hands off from Yoke to turn of the FD. 3. FS2crew it's the best addon for Fly Siming and the NR 1 criterium when i'm buying new aircrafts. Thank You so much for greate Product !
  7. What a shame that's no official announcement! What, why and how long! Goodbye Sim-Sunday
  8. Is there some Info's from developers? Or they still don't know?
  9. Ok byork, pleas enough waiting, DC-6 it's allready airborn and on Cruise... ;)
  10. How's the beta going? many bugs or clear so far?
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