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  1. Hello may someone can make the integration for GTN 750 for B350i?? please, everybody knows than Proline 21 doesnt work... thanksss
  2. I solve the problem!! problem was than wrong installation of GNS-530, i just reinstalled it and now works Fine!!.... Thankss a lot Bert for your patience!!
  3. Dont have any GNS530 References. but in panel folder have a panel.cfg.RXP i copied the lines from Panel.cfg.RXP to the main panel CFG but no changes....
  4. Yes Bert i have, i have A2A Cessna 172, Comanche 250, GNS 530 It works perfect in then, and i already have run the RXP.exe than have inside B200 folder.... But nothing happens....
  5. I have the some problem too!!.. any solution??.. Thanksss
  6. Hello I have problem for RXP 530 and B200 Carenado. when I click on the star button it will no turn. I already run the GNS530.EXE in B200 Folder but nothing, And i have C90B Lua Mod to iniciate in Cold n Dark I following tutorial in youtube but when N1 are in 12% i put the fuel valve in Low Idle but nothing happened The engine wont start Up May u guys can help me?? Thankss...
  7. Thanks a lot Neucoas... its a update.. i never ever imagine that... but do u know how to switch to normal mode??...
  8. Hi Guys... when i hide cherokee 180 yoke i have this issue some one knows how to fix it?? i have all updates from A2A installed.. i already reinstalled the aircraft but the problem continue please help..
  9. Adicionei como favorito um vídeo @YouTube de @victorludgero http://t.co/LBHTiiJ0 GTA IV: Alguns Mods Legais + Como instalar! [só

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