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  1. v0.3.x has been working on my P3D v4 64bit without any problem for me for some months now and I'm very happy with it. Few weeks ago I flipped the setting to install v0.4.x and then my troubles began. After aprox 20-25 mins running the camera starts to move in slow motion. First I thought it was some problem with my TrackIR so I've disabled it, restart everything and used only mouse control of the camera.....same problem....after 25 mins the camera start moving laggy and chaseplane program window starts to act inactive. To test my theory if it's really 0.4.x related, I've changed the settings for experimental version and got 0.3.7 back and everything works normal with and without TrackIR. I've done this change back and forth 2-3 times just to make sure it's really the new version that cause the problem. It's been tested on Majestic Dash8, PMDG 738, 747 and even the stock F22. Any suggestions what can be the problem? Thanks
  2. Update: I havent been able to update through OC since I switched to P3D v4. I tried everything that been posted from deleting files, turning off AV, using proxy to change my location, reinstalling everything. As late as last night I've reinstalled both 747 and 777 and tested updating them without success.....This morning the 747 update got installed without any problem but the 777 still gives the "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" error (same as I had on the 747 update last night) and the only thing that changed since the last try that I slept 5 hours. So 50% success....whatever happened to the 747 update hopefully gonna happen to the 777, too.....sooner or later.
  3. Same here. I've tried everything I could find on this forum. Deleting file, turning off anti-virus, repair, proxy to US IP....no succes. :( I had the same issue with 747 but then the updated installer got released.
  4. Same here. Done 4 trips on v4 with simbrief and never noticed any problem loading the rte.
  5. From the FSUIPC forum and Pete himself: "There will be an FSUIPC5 for P3D4, but first release won't coincide with the rather rushed (in my opinion) release of P3D4 on Tuesday. And FSUIPC5 will be a new product, not an upgrade. It's been too much work to have it as just an upgrade. The user weather stuff is stripped out, and some other facilities do not yet work (mouse macros, menu diversion, frictions just to name three). They are dependent on further P3D development."
  6. I was just about to see if I was the only one with this issue but I'm glad to see I'm not. :)
  7. Or it's the new Ryanair model: you pay the taxi meter upon arrival.
  8. Re-install of what? Windows of NGX?
  9. I can report that it's same on P3D. I've been looking at this for a while.
  10. Funny is that on NGX and 777 I dont have that problem. Only on the 744, but I'm gonna check if with admin rights it will work. Thanks for the advice
  11. In the FMC: PMDG Setup->Aircraft->Failures->All Systems But yes in the manual you can find extended explanation about it.
  12. I use service based failures on all of my PMDG products. Great fun! But on the 744 I've noticed the timer resets after every flight. :(
  13. Everything is on default for me the only thing that I changed was the Turbulence Effect Scale to 15 instead of the default 70 (that I had the first flight of the 744) and now I dont have heavy turbulence while crusing.
  14. I'm happy to report that with the settings tuned doen to 15, it flies without any twerking.
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