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  1. Hey guys, the solution I tried (rebuild the terrain.cfg) did not work, does anyone else have a solution to this problem?
  2. No problem, that was my mistake because of my not perfect english :)
  3. Ok, so this is what i mean: I don´t know wheter I should buy the FSlabs or not and fly another one like the aersosoft. Therefore I asked you if there is a beta available (which is not, now I know it :)) Also I said that I would never crack the Bus and for this it would be nice to have a beta - this is the reason I said that :-) So I hope you understand me that I do not crack it, sorry for misunderstanding ;)
  4. It was just a question, and as I said, it is not a good idea to crack it. I did not know that there are no beta to test the plane so I have asked you - sorry
  5. Okay, thank you for your nice answers. Is there any way to get a beta of FSlabs A320 to test it for my own? Because I don´t want to crack it, I think that would not be a good idea. Maybe anyone of you has an idea, would be great :)
  6. Hi guys, I have a question for you. I am thinking about buying the FSlabs A320 or not but I can´t decide wheter I should do this or not. This Add-On is a very expensive one and it would be nice if someone could give some pros and cons for and against buying the bus. Many people say that the cockpit textures of the Airbus from FSlabs aren´t that nice but I think it has stunning sounds and many things I would not get if I am flying with the Aerosoft Airbus, which I am currently doing. So, as I said, please give me some pros and cons for and against the FSlabs! If you want to know my system specs: i5-6500 ASUS ROG Strix 1060 OC 16 GB RAM Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P I´ll be happy if someone answer me :) Best regards Max
  7. Hey guys, does anyone have a link for the Fix? The Link in this post is down :/ I would be happy if someone can answer :) Sincerely Max
  8. Hey guys, I have a little question: I already asked Eddie Butcher if he knows where the Download of his fixed FBW for the Aerosoft Airbus is. I am not very patiently so I want to ask you guys too: Do you have a link to the fixed Files for me? Thank you! If you don´t know what I mean, feel free to ask :)
  9. Hi! I would like to buy a new PC and I thought that I can buy the GTX 1050. Do you think it´s a good graphic card for P3D? Other Hardware: Intel Core i5 6500 GA-B150-HD3P 12 GB RAM Sorry for my bad english, I´m from Germany. Thank you! mr_gambler
  10. Hi guys! I would like to buy new hardware to have good fps in my game (P3D). I would like to buy the i7 4790 3.6 ghz with the asus z97-pro gamer mainboard. Now I have the GTX 750 and first i will buy the Processor and Mainboard and then the Graphiccard. But I don´t know is it a good hardware to have good fps with addons and sceneries? Thank you, Max
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  12. Hey Guys! Tank you for your Answers! I will get ASN! Thank you!
  13. Hi Guys! I want to buy a new Add-On for my Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. But I don´t know, what is more important. GSX or Active Sky Next. So it´s different but I dont know. Can you help me? Sincerely Mr_Gambler :smile:
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