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  1. I had two CTD, but both where when I stick in or stick out a USB-device. I know that is better to do this with ESC tickt, but I think it was repaired.🤔
  2. Buy it from his Site and support him-I did it also.👍
  3. Decision is easy for me. (18 Airports for 24 bucks) Ok-not Fly-Tampa quality but better then most freeware. It´s also fun-hopping from Airport to Airport
  4. Hotfix install was easy, Sim is running again-today.😜 Was realy scared as I made touchdown, long time ago 🤣 Looks they got it-we will see. 🤔 At my side is the Drone at 100% running fast again. 🦅
  5. Update works fine, Shop-Klick-Update-MSFS-Start-Update-now Content-finishd.👍 Where glad, my Sim where running that fine.🤔 Fingers cross for next flight.🤞 I will report 👨‍🏫
  6. First, I deactivated all mods, CTD on Standardairport, CTD on the new Klagenfurt, Reactivated the Mods, No CTD on JustsimAirports (Heraklion, Santourini, Mallorca), CTD on BMW Valencia-Airports. I had no Idea. If the Fix not help, i will deactived all Traffic-maybe this helps.
  7. Thanks for your advice, but no, have nothing like that, and the rig is unchanged in any case, its only used for the sim.
  8. I had 6 CTD, all at the landingphase. If this will not fix, the sim is unplayeble for me and I had to look to alternative. Sad to say that.😞
  9. Don´t worry, we sitting in the same vessel and I ask this at the first day.
  10. Because you don´t have to got a one to one Homecockpit from a 737 or A320 and a lot of fun with, you have to sit at your fathers couch playing X-Box with a controller on the Livingroom TV, 10 Minutes before the World Series began 🤣
  11. Take a flight outside the WU6 Updatezone, LTAI-LGIR (both Justsim) , and no CTD.🤔
  12. Hi, have the same problem. At my end its the Flightsimulator.exe that causes the CTD. Can not finish any flight. After one hour smooth flight, the sim stucks short and BÄNG-CTD. Happens with and without mods!
  13. What is a Xbox ?????????????????? (PC-Guy since 1984 🙂 )
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