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  1. Hello. I'm making a repaint for the C337 and I would like to know how to make the propeller cone shiny and reflective. As you can see below, in my repaint, I can't make it as the default one. Should I use DDS textures or BMP? Thank you.
  2. Working perfectly for me. I only had 1 issue with LPPS at the beggining but support was really fast and effective. I definitely recommend it!!
  3. Love how people say they are "going back to EZDOK". Things happen... surely the devs will fix it asap and stop complaining CP doesn't do this or that. When you bought it, you clearly saw a note saying it is still in Alpha so don't expect CP to do everything you want out of the box. Also don't compare it to Ezdok since it is a fully released product and this is in alpha and I truely believe CP will surpass ezdok once it is fully released. So please be patient...
  4. Hello, I've tried doing those things but it still happens to me. Using P3D v3.4 hotfix 2.
  5. 1. 2. Yes, every preset, every plane. 3. Issue happens with mouse and hatswitch. 4. Saitek X52 5. Also happens with regular buttons. 6. Happens with 0.1.531 as of now. 7. Does NOT happen with the stable version (0.1.9X) Thanks!
  6. No. I tested this on a fresh P3D installation with no other camera addon.
  7. I had already commented this issue somewhere else but since it is still happening I decided to post here. This only happens in the Experimental version. My view glitches and shakes like crazy as soon as I try to pan using the mouse or hatswitch. Have the devs been able to replicate this? Thank you! EDIT: The video title says 0.1.503 but it still happens in 0.1.516
  8. Here it is. As soon as I click my middle mouse button the camera shakes and flickers. Then you can see the camera moving outside of the plane upside down, that's when I use my joystick button to change views
  9. If I pan using my mouse, the camera shakes like crazy.
  10. I can't pan using the hat switch. The camera shakes all over the place
  11. When I press my Middle mouse button and move my mouse the camera shakes all over the place. Also when I pan using the hat switch, as soon as I release it it shakes for a very brief moment
  12. What I do in this case is I first chose an outside view and only then cockpit view and it works. It's a bit annoying though let's hope it gets fixed/changed.
  13. Hello! I'm loving ChasePlane since I was sick and tired of ezdok. I sometimes like to use the standard Locked Spot view of the sim. In ezdok there was an option for the Default camera system so that when I changed to the outside view I could rotate the camera horizontally and vertically with the hat switch. However, I'm not able to do this with ChasePlane. If I change to the outside view I can only rotate the camera horizontally and not vertically. Is there a way I can do this? Thank you!
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