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  1. KevinHuser

    Black panels INDIAFOXTECHO typhoon in P3D v4

    keyboard combination. ctrl + shift + R should set the typhoon in ready to fly state. If not, maybe try a re-install
  2. KevinHuser

    ezca v3 issue zooming out from VC

    you should have received an update notification ? your version is a bit old. update first then check zoom again link to 0.62
  3. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    Good, thanks it is helpful to know ch product does work ok The user seemed pretty familiar with ezdok so it would be odd if they had forgot to add it In v1- after a new install a hat as pan button often required a sim/ezdok closure after adding a controller followed by a rerun of the config tool - running sim/ezdok again usually sorted this and fhat panning was fully functional. In testing I had to do this after a re-install. With v2. I have tried (including all plugged in and connected via daisy-chained powered USB 2 hub To one pc USB 2 port ) saitek x52 Hotas x55 Hotas thrustmaster warthog Hotas saitek Cessna yoke So far all are recognised - None have presented any issues with buttons or hat panning or hat as buttons in ezdok
  4. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    For info -from the ezdok forum
  5. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    I believe ch yoke hat may still be an issue in v2 - it Was reported on the ezdok forum as an issue with v2 but I don't think the user has responded to my suggestion regards a possible "fix" It don't leave the original exe.xml entry for v1 in the sim EXE.xml file - but if you must - ensure it is disabled - the v1 ez config adds it back in if you revert to v1 - so why leave it in there if currently using v2 - Btw - v2 has a different install path to v1
  6. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    Couple of things - the Hotkeyselect is still not acceptable in the a2a aircraft.cfg V2 will remove it For operational reasons - as you rightly point out - the aircraft.cfg will always be given priority within sim code so it has to be removed from the definition relating to fthe walkaround It should work if done in reverse All beta testers were Russian as far as I know. It is amazing some of the oddities they never picked up in testing and missing features they thought were acceptable - The Accufeel addon and in stand alone planes could be a problem - so far I have not had time to test a2a by installing them I have the c172 / c182, the Cherokee etc, probably check them over the weekend
  7. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    I had some discussion with Oleg regards p3d world camera before v2 was announced, it always was a headache from V2.5 onwards -- the flight1 webpage shows ezdok v1 was never sold as P3d compatible so far creating world cameras in V2 have been successful - no issues also p3d updates that require changes to ezdok are now part of the update function in v2 - no ini file replacement needed kevin H
  8. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    regards using - hat as button - did a test setup - used update camera - did a full restart of sim and the setup still worked I'm using both a pre-release build and currently released build of win 10 in testing and it works OK under both plus no more stupid appcrash reports that need clearing up periodically - seems to be gone with ezdok v2
  9. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    I would suggest re-naming the EZCA folders in c:/program files (x86) and more importantly c:/users/(username)/Appdata/roaming to retain the old version 1 The exe.xml entry for v1 should be removed when using v2 If reverting to v1 -delete the v2 entry the ez config tool would add the correct v1 back in the first time you run the v1 config tool The cameras.cfg file is the same -apart from the title name - again the ezconfig tool for v1 actually deletes the existing EZCA definitions and adds them back in each time the ez config tool is run so the v1 titles would appear on screen Kevin H
  10. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    Horizon hold Check it out in this video the idea is to replicate to some extent what the human brain tries to do where we try to retain the horizon in view
  11. KevinHuser

    EZdok V2 Released!

    I believe the intention is to provide links to tutorial videos with English sub titles rather than do a PDF manual. It's a different approach, I like viewing a video on a subject so not having a manual doesn't bother me. I don't like the fact it doesn't autosave settings but I'm sure it will become second nature after awhile of using the new gui
  12. KevinHuser

    configuration tool location

    Hi, sorry I've been busy with Holiday preparations, did not pick up on this thread until now under windows 10 You do not need to run compatibility settings except run as administrator on prepar3d.exe ezdok gains Admin/elevated status from P3d. however it does no harm to add it to EZCA.exe too ezdok config it should only be run when a. you add a new plane b. when you add a new controller device - joystick etc - avoid running the ez config restore option - it can damage your cameras.cfg file. AI traffic this can be a factor in delaying sim load times resulting in ezdok simconnect timeouts FSUIPC4 can defer ezdok opening until a flight is loaded, to avoid it. FSUIPC4 always check you have the latest version 4.958 -: your existing purchase details can be re-used but the [programs] feature does not require users to have a paid licence. Just download it and run the installer after you unzip the download file You must run the sim at least once to create the FSUIPC.ini file the command "ready" is the key, without it ezdok will start exactly as it does using Exe.xml so a timeout would still be likely READY delays loading and running the program until sim is up and ready to fly, and FSUIPC4 can supply valid data through its IPC interface. EXE.xml file FSUIPC4 cannot overide the sim Exe.xml file entry for ezdok,it must therefore be disabled - Location c:\users\(your username)\appdata\roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 it is disabled by altering the line <Disabled>False</Disabled> to True example <Launch.Addon> <Name>EZdok camera addon</Name> <Disabled>True</Disabled> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\EZCA\EZCA.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> Prepar3d.cfg I would suggest deleting your Prepar3d.cfg file as the section [uSERINTERFACE] line SITUATION=C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\xx may be the issue it seems the sim cannot read the files needed for your default flight and reverts to using the Prepar3D_Default.fxml and Prepar3D_Default.wx files P3d wil generate a new cfg file when run I hope this helps you - O.Eker
  13. KevinHuser

    Ezdok for v3.0

    Gabster are your posts of feb 2016 and yesterday related ?? are you using v1.187 a this is the only supported version for p3d V3 ? are you using the dual function - joystick hat as buttons and hat /panning ? also what outside view are you referring to - ezca aircraft or ezca world cam I will need more info on what hat switch/buttons are assigned to in ezdok
  14. KevinHuser

    Ezdok for v3.0

    Ezca version 2 is on the horizon (mid December approx.) - A new world camera variables.ini file is available for p3d v3.4 (pre and post hotfix versions) over on the ezdok forum you will find the download world camera/p3d has an identified bug that I am led to believe has been fixed in ver2 I hope this helps explain the issue you are having There are two view systems in-sim - ezdok and P3d default - the function keys F9 F11 F12 are assigned in p3d controls to give access to the default view system If you use F11 (locked spot view) ezdok may not recognise you have switched to a default view ( I was able to replicate this very easily) and does not release control of the mouse and Hat/pan functions correctly This can be avoided if you add F9 / F11 in the ezdok studio assignment options - define keys and buttons and the main studio shortcut box for specific VC views typical example - in ezdok define keys and buttons - default section - next category = F11 (locked spot view) will switch you to the default view and the joystick/pan or space bar plus mouse look function will apply normally another assignment in -- next in current category -- (default is the A key) will cycle views within the view category to return to VC add F9 to the shortcut box for your specified VC view ( I would not recommend F12 - too many other add-ons use that key) The point I am making is that if users allow Ezdok to control all view switching anomilies like this can be avoided. I would also recommend removing the F9 F11 and F12 assignments in p3d controls to avoid conflicts regards Kevin H
  15. KevinHuser

    External views for EZdok, how to set up

    The next step after naming a new world camera view and then OK is to click on any VC view Then click on the world cam view created You should be inside the aircraft model at the defauit view co-ordinates (which looks odd but is OK) If edit mode (Num key 2) is not sounding press it and use the arrow keys etc to move the camera away from the external aircrsft model to where you want it- When done press edit key to save the changes There is a new world camera update available for P3d v3.4 - it covers pre hotfix and post hotfix Also the long awaited ezcav2 is in closed betatest and due around mid December with the P3d bug fixed and an updated database. I don't know if any of the features in previews will be implemented. Preview vids on youtube can be accessed at this link.