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  1. It seems to work... Thank you so much, my hero of the day, QW should hire you haha!
  2. Hi, I've never been able to fly the QW787 P3Dv4 since the day one, when I have a new addon I always change the IRS Alignement time for a realistic one, not fast. But with the QW787 when I change it in the info page, I set 420 secondes I click on the box and it says ''0 sec'' and I can't change the value, by the way after that I can't align IRS and I have to reinstall the aircraft. The QW support never answered, I've asked Flight1 for a forgotten password and I'll repost again on the support forum when I'll receive the mail, but the last time they seemed to not care at all so...
  3. Hi ! Same issue here, next time it will happen I'll send you the log, but could you tell for PC noobs like me how to proced with the log so I'll be able to post it. Best regards, Gabriel
  4. Good day ! This night I wanted to fly my PMDG 747 between Tel Aviv and New York, as usually I launch my P3D, then Active Sky 4 that I use for the Simulator weather and PFPX (My PFPX server subscription expired some weeks ago I maybe should buy a new one to solve my problem) and finally I launch PFPX for my flight plan. I've never had any issues with the fuel calculation using PFPX (ok sometimes 1000 or 2000 lbs differences between calculation and fuel at arrival but not more), this night I had a miscalculation of 80,000lbs. The release was about to 283,000lbs and I had an insufficient fuel with 0,0lbs at KJFK all winds and route was in the FMS. So I've decided to change my fuel by myself before departing (I don't like the idea to swim in the Atlantic for the rest of the flight) and I was very surprised when I've discovered that, to get my 36,000lbs at KJFK I needed 350,000lbs. I say again I've never had this kind of problem, my last flight RCTP - EDDF with the 747 was fine. Sorry for my English I'm French. Thanks by advance if you have a solution or a way to find a solution.
  5. How to use the native P3D v4 vr ? Because when I start the Oculus software and then P3D without Flyinside it doesn't appear in my Oculus. EDIT : To use the native vr it's just in the menu at the top of the screen... This much better but the Oculus resolution still there... I think I should wait for the Pimax 8K.
  6. Hello ! It's been two days that I have my CV1 and I use it with Flyinside, the resolution is a problem in the PMDG 747, do you think it's a good decision to take a Pimax and return my CV1? Thanks!
  7. Hi I would also like to see the other WXR RDR rather than the Collins WXR-2100.
  8. Thanks you made my day I needed this option for Delta flights many times thank you!
  9. On the FCOM a sentence gives you reason and a sentence gives me reason it was to be revealed that it depends on the model of the plane. So PMDG were not wrong, but could add as an option if they want. 109 = PAX avec PW 570 = Freighter avec GE So I will try with a 747-400ERF GE, he gotta start like you said EDIT : This is the same with GE ERF but PW do not have to start like PMDG does ( some old models I think )
  10. Thanks for the answer Qavion2, I was on EXT POWER. downscc : Thanks for the info, I will now used PMDG ticket because you do not have the right to anonymity in this forum and you do not understand that some people can be afraid of the internet, facebook etc with real name. PMDG had told me to put a signature not my name, sorry to have you deranged by not giving you the honor to know who I am in my private life.
  11. Do I have to share my identity all over the internet? If so, I do not want, I find it dangerous for me. FCOM says : Verify that the MAIN 2 aft pump PRESS light is extinguished when APU is running. Verify that the MAIN 2 and 3 aft pump PRESS lights are extinguished when APU is running.
  12. Hello I want to say that I am not a pilot, I make a proposal, if I am wrong I hope to learn, so I repeat I can be wrong!!!!! During the APU Start the PMDG AFT MAIN 2 and 3 PRESS light are extinguished, but I think that, during start only MAIN 2 AFT PRESS gotta be extinguished and when the APU is running the MAIN 2 and 3 AFT PRESS light is extinguished.
  13. I said wherever they are being followed by their community, it's just an idea! But whether Facebook or not, those who vote will be those who will buy or not. After it's just a suggestion, I pretend not commercial! Have a nice flights ! :) ;)
  14. You should do a survey on your forum, on Facebook etc ... And take the proposal that has won the most!
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