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  1. Testing out some old scenery that I've not used in a while, one of the best flights I've had in a while tbh.
  2. For a brief moment, a crash was imminent 38:30 for the beginning of the ILS of death.
  3. Flew with a couple friends from Amsterdam to Manchester left video link below for those who are interested. Loved the sky colors on this one.
  4. Got some nice summer footage of the FlyTampa Dubai scenery.
  5. Love flying into La Palma in the summer time with this preset screams British Summer lol.
  6. Its a free thing called a preset its linked in one of the other videos I uploaded its preset Ultra realism pack 1.1
  7. Finally got my hands on the new PMDG 747 and it doesn't disappoint worth every penny some approach into Philly though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMbHNuvw630
  8. Flew from Edinburgh to Milan and got some great shots going over the alps although is it just me or does the easy jet logo look kinda red in this preset?
  9. Took the old PMDG out again for a little easter hop thought id share it with everyone.
  10. If found using the keyboard is extremely frustrating think ill be buying new ones.
  11. So a couple days ago my PMDG 777 started acting up. I've recently sent my rudder pedals away to be repaired so, for now, I'm using the auto rudder. The tiller is constantly trying to move the aircraft to the left leaving me to combat it with the auto rudder. I've left the video showing what happens down below the time stamp is 37:15. Any Ideas
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