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  1. So I took the card out and gave the fans and heat sinks a quick blast with the air duster, I couldn’t see much come out but once it was back in the resting temp was down by 5c which was surprising. I’ve also brought the power output down a bit when the sim is running too. Less preformance perhaps but better temps
  2. It’s an MSI 2070S it’s just passed it’s second birthday. From outside looking in I can’t see any real dust build up other than within the fans a little bit. I’m not a computer expert so would be wary trying to remove it less I cause damage.
  3. Yeah I’ve tried changing the FPS limits in the control panel which has no effect, I run at 2k
  4. Yeah MSI afterburners have the fans at 90% that’s what’s keeping the temps at 83c
  5. Not that I can see I set the limit both in the 3D panel and in the sim with no effect.
  6. So when I’m in the sim, my GPU (RTX 2070S) runs at 100% Utilisation and records a sustained temp of 83C. I’m not an expert but it concerns me if I had to do a long haul with these temps. I have tried using both Vsync and the Nvidia control panel to limit FPS to bring the temps down but neither seem to have any impact. Is this a safe temp for a long haul flight and if not then does anyone have any suggestions for lowering the temp other than shutting the game off? Thanks.
  7. Keep me updated and let us know the version number if it works!!
  8. Ive had this issue for a while and I know that many of people in P3D experience black flickering in their sim, however im not sure if im experiencing the same or a separate issue. Whenever I pan around in the cockpit the screen will flash black for a millisecond until I release the button that is allowing me to pan using Chase plane. If anyone has any ideas that would be amazing because this problem is serious starting to annoy me to no ends. SPECS - Processor - Intel i9-990l CPU @ 4.00GHZ Memory - 16GB GPU - GeForce RTX 2070 Super SSD - 500 GB / 2TB Hardrive Windows 10
  9. Testing out some old scenery that I've not used in a while, one of the best flights I've had in a while tbh.
  10. For a brief moment, a crash was imminent 38:30 for the beginning of the ILS of death.
  11. Flew with a couple friends from Amsterdam to Manchester left video link below for those who are interested. Loved the sky colors on this one.
  12. Got some nice summer footage of the FlyTampa Dubai scenery.
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