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  1. I'm having the same issue! Dam! Is this a Microsoft thing?
  2. Happy Friday all, I've been posting videos for Freeware, and Tutorials on X-Plane for a while here in the Avsim forum. Unfortunately I have been warned by Tonywob, and asked to stop posting this informational content. I have never tried to sell anything in these videos nor have I profited in anyway from them in the passed several months since I started. My videos are mostly light entertainment informing X-Plane users on freeware, and tutorials. I am sorry you do not like my content. All the best. Kindest Regards, Tinmouse.
  3. Afternoon All! Just a quick look Middle Peninsula Regional Airport (KFYJ) using the Free Robin aircraft today. It’s a little old but some interesting features are included. I hope this adds to your freeware list in your X-Plane library! Enjoy and have a great weekend! GripperSim. : ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7vwhi8XOqI
  4. HI All! Thanks for all your comments! Sorry for the late response! With regards to the scenery, It worked fine for me, perhaps try and downloading it again. As far as I can remember I just unzipped everything into the Custom Scenery folder. I didn't need to install anything else. I'll have a look. As for the aircraft, I copied the original C172 folder and pasted it renamed as "Bush C172". All in the Aircraft folder. Then I simply downloaded the MOD files into the New "Bush C172" folder. I hope that makes sense. Perhaps you did not put the files in the right place if it does not work. I had to read the institutions a second time to be clear on how to install it to be honest. Let me know! Thanks and sorry for the late rely, I didn't put notifications on the post. My bad. GripperSim.
  5. Happy Friday all, Just showcasing some free aircraft, I think the B17 is the best! I’m looking for freeware developers, for me to showcase free quality add-ons, put the word out if your can. My Email is in the description. Enjoy and have a great weekend! : )
  6. Hay all! The Relatively new Pocket Rocket! I wonder if this will be popular? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUKtfi_4-_I Enjoy and have a great week-end!
  7. Happy Friday folks! Some bush flying this week! I think Bush flying could be a thing on X-Plane 11, I’ve had so much fun! Also, see the free PropStrike studios C172 specifically for bush flying examined in this video! Enjoy! GripperSim. : )
  8. X-Plane : Things beginners may not know. Just a quick video on things X-Plane beginners don’t know yet. Did you know about this? or is it old news to you. Let me know on the channel comments! : ) Have a great week-end! GripperSim.
  9. Hi All, Another video this week on a short, second tutorial, for beginners on the G1000 for X-Plane 11. This should get you started if you're interested in the G1000 system and wishing the learn the Autopilot. : ) P.S Peter Griffin is the Guest Star… https://youtu.be/JhfyrgS1Wl8
  10. Hi All, A little video this week on a short, first tutorial, for beginners on the G1000 for X-Plane 11. This should get you started if you're interested in the G1000 system. : ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeDJIhL0Pb4
  11. Happy Friday all! This is a first look / review of the new Epic E1000 for Aerobask, just released last week! I’m going to use this aircraft for some G1000 tutorials for beginners. Let me know what you would like to see by participating in the simple poll, illustrated on the upper right hand side of the video. Have a great weekend! GripperSim. : )
  12. Hi all, I know this Robin DR401 has been out for X-Plane for a while, but some of you may not know its out, and FREE for X-Plane 11.20+ | Windows/Mac/Linux. Hope you enjoy this quick look at this detailed free aircraft. Thanks. GripperSim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJgUEJd_4wU
  13. Thanks strider1, The search for a weather engine continues! Cheers! GripperSim.
  14. Good day all! I’ve reviewed the PA-28-181 Archer III (for X-Plane 11). I’ve added a guest star this week…. Also, I’m disappointed with Skymaxx pro, do you have SkyMaxx pro, are you also disappointed with it? You’ll see what I mean in my review this week. (The aircraft appear dark with Skymax pro enabled). Cheers! GripperSim
  15. Hi all! Do you have any Logitech panels? What do you think of them? Here is a quick review of the Logitech Radio Panel/Stack! I’ve only set this up this week, and I’m pleased so far. Have a look and see what you think. The usual review should be ready before the end of the week. I’m open to suggestions, any ideas? Thanks GripperSim.
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