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  1. Hi, anyone have cfg files for GVGAL, GVROY or GVXLG? Please, I need them as soon as possible. Cheers, Travon Nicholls
  2. I second this, plus G-VROY and G-VROS. Requested more Virgin liveries since February sigh.
  3. https://www.planespotters.net/photo/754346/g-vgal-virgin-atlantic-airways-boeing-747-443 Oh sorry, i forgot. Thats another photo of the plane anyway. Cheers, Travon Nicholls
  4. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/59236_1486597134.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d2/G-VGAL_Close_(8474704524).jpg Can someone please please please do "Jersey Girl" please please. I really need a Virgin Atlantic in this livery please. Thanks Cheers, Travon Nicholls
  5. It appears my settings got messed up. I reset the realism sliders to realistic and the problem is solved. Not sure what happened there. Thanks for your help though. Travon Nicholls
  6. Very nice repaints. Hopefully you can do that Virgin that I requested and one or two others agreed with. Thanks in advance. 😉 -Travon Nicholls
  7. Hello everyone, I have an issue with my FSX. When operating in crosswind conditions, the crosswind only affects the aircraft when above 1000 AGL. Once below this, the aircraft straightens out itself. I use active sky2016 for my FSX weather and I just landed with a 12kt crosswind. The plane would be crabbing a little above 1000ft but than straightens out automatically although FSX shows there is still a crosswind. All my realism sliders in FSX are set to realistic and I also use FSUIPC4 free version. Can someone please help. Much appreciated. Travon Nicholls
  8. That's what I did. Since my virtual flight attendants won't put it out 😂😂 Travon Nicholls
  9. All it says is: Condition: Smoke is detected in a lavatory ▪️▪️▪️▪️ Travon Nicholls
  10. Currently enroute from EGCC to TBPB and the SMOKE LAVATORY indication has shown up on the EICAS. What to do? Travon Nicholls
  11. I've been requesting a Virgin for a while now. In the old scheme though. The only one available is G-VLIP "Hot Lips" with the big Harry Potter sticker on it .
  12. Can someone please tell me they are gonna try this one. G-VROY "Pretty Woman" Regards, Travon Nicholls
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