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  1. Thanks Keven - none assigned. However my last flight no problems. Consider item closed. Don
  2. Keven, With the latest update v0.4.204 CP keeps disconnecting my AP when using the FSX-SE PMDG B738 everytime I change screens. I have to keep reengaging the AP after selecting a new view. Other FSX aircraft seem fine. I have assigned keypad numbers to each view. I notice if I select a view using your main menu then it doesn't happen. Any ideas? Tks Don
  3. Headley, Just to add to my previous comment - I found some of the corners were activated so I have now turned them all off. So far no flipping to another screen.......(fingers crossed!) Don
  4. Rich/Bill, You can turn off the Auto-Enable function above FL180 by sliding the slider all the way to the left in Camera/Cinematic Mode assuming that is what you both mean. Headley, To be honest, I don't really know what all the corners do in the Aircraft tab. Just in case I have turned them all off. I will see if it makes any difference. Cheers Don
  5. Great programme, but of late CP flips to other views without me doing anything, Especially for example when on finals it flips to my overhead panel, I have to quickly reselect my landing panel. It is beginning to do this more frequently. Anyone any idea how to fix this? Thanks Don
  6. Thanks Dan, I didn't think it would be necessary to raise a ticket as Kyle Rodgers was aware of the problem and I was hoping for a fix but raising a ticket now. Cheers Don
  7. Does anyone have any further suggestions on how to gain access to Operations Center so I can install further liveries? Thanks Don
  8. My AI blocked it but had to give it permission to be trusted. Don
  9. When I open the Operations Center and select either the 737-800/900 NGX or 777-200LR/F and expand the folders all I see is... . Expansions. Looking in the manual I see I should also have the following.... . Aircraft Specific Settings . Sound Settings . Livery Downloader . Version What do I need to get the Operations Center working correctly. The only APP I have is the Operations Center Updater which keeps telling me I am up to date Tks Don
  10. Thanks, found it. Camera/Advanced/Scroll Zoom activated. Don
  11. Aircraft I am using is the FSX PMDG737NGX and PMDGB744 classic. With the 737NGX I can scroll in and out with my mouse center wheel and scroll left and right. But with the 747 the mouse is a dead. I have compared both settings and they look identical but I must be missing something somewhere. Anyone any suggestions? Thanks Don
  12. Thanks Jordan. Now why didn't I think of that:) And it works!! Brilliant. But now I have to remember to change the date back after closing FSX. Ok. But we still need an offline solution ASAP. Don
  13. Not sure what happened to my previous reply but this is becoming a top priority issue. Surely a small utility could be produced for users to use CP offline, albeit even for a limited use. Before everyone jumps ship lets give them time to reply. My trouble is that I elected to let CP load with FSX now it has blocked my keyboard and mouse functions now I am buggered. Don
  14. There needs to be a solution for offline use. Maybe a small utility could be produced for limited operation when the server is offline. This is becoming an important issue and needs to be a priority item. It is a pity as it is such a good program. Don
  15. Wow! I was just searching for TrustFailure and I have the same problem this morning. I've sent an email so I expect it will get sorted very soon. Don
  16. Well, I have just tried it and it works well. You don't say what Sim you are using? (please refrain from telling me otherwise.) With this statement no wonder you never got a reply.
  17. I did nothing. However on my second reboot of my PC about 2 hours later, and at the moment, it is now working fine. Thanks Don edit: missed your update.
  18. Yes I know. Disappointed I was not contacted after my suggestion to resolve the problem. Don
  19. Still the same with 0.2.108 and 2.5a. Removed all add on scenery just in case and FSUIPC - no change. I am curious to know if anyone else has this problem? Just a thought - could it be because the airport is below sea level -13 feet? Don I
  20. Now 0.2.102. Regenerated but still the same. It is definitely looking into the universe because this time I can see the moon. :) My sim time set 0400z EHAM and at either gate F8,F6,F4,F2 I see the moon in slightly different positions. If I go to odd gates, as they are located on the opposite side of the pier, same starry night but no moon. Good try Keven, but as my tutor would say' more work needed' :( Don btw I don't normally fly to EHAM otherwise I would never have discovered then anomaly - sorry. I know you are going to say 'don't fly to EHAM'.....
  21. Oh good. I am pleased you have managed to reproduce the issue Keven. Just in time , I then won't take the tablets .... Don
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