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    Flight simulation mainly. FSXSE+ P3D V4.1

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    Been using flightsim's for some time now, enjoying it more these days, almost like a new Golden age i guess. Live in England UK am an ex Soldier now working in ship building, enjoy all aspects of FS need a new PC to keep with tech otherwise ok.

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  1. Wingloader

    Stumbled on this

    No Worries, was wondering if anyone would post something , 194 Views no comments lol Cheers
  2. Wingloader

    Ezdok v2.6 is incredible!

    Don't think that i could do without it now, a real must.
  3. Wingloader

    Stumbled on this

    Was searching the web and came across this site, just giving heads up if anyone interested. Pretty cool site, got me a couple of Icons and wallpaper, not bad. Brightens up my drab desktop. Its good to see so much content out there available for us, nice to have choices, cheers
  4. Wingloader

    Blurry Screens (Tried Fixes) Still No Luck

    To be honest doesn't look too bad, although there's always the usual checklist to follow. IE Drivers up to date, nothing else running in background, change resolution from options etc, well guess i would start there mate, sorry if not too helpful.
  5. Or this will do it for ya, choose Takeoff and Destination etc and save in many different formats, compatible with Aerosoft. Used this site along with PFPX, with or without PFPX its good.
  6. Wingloader

    Flight Replicas DC-4 package

    Good Stuff, excellent work, almost tempted to get her. Good prop add on for those prop junkies.
  7. Wingloader

    What's the purpose of the ecosystem folder?

    Good question have wondered about this also, searched but not found any definitive answer, would be good to clarify this, if it is a document folder etc, am curious.
  8. Wingloader

    Airport Design Editor

    Thanks for the replies guys, great news I can start playing with ADE again, thank you.
  9. Wingloader

    Airport Design Editor

    Yeh will do Jabloom, cheers
  10. Wingloader

    Airport Design Editor

    Wondered if anyone has tinkered with ADE in P3DV4,I have used it in the past in FSX and would like to design an Airport or two and also add a few buildings here and there with ADE. I have searched reference info regarding its use in P3DV4, seems some have designed airports with this tool, information is kind of grey rather than black or white on this, before I have a go has anyone got any experience or input regarding ADE, cheers guys.
  11. Wingloader

    Chaseplane new features

    Quickly becoming the definitive add-on, a real must have, excellent stuff.
  12. Wingloader

    UT2 Live updated!

    I've heard a lot of good things on UTL, ATM am sitting on the fence before I commit to putting my hand in my pocket. Although I like the idea guess will investigate further before a purchase, the definitive AI Traffic program is yet to be proven. I would love UTL to be the one.
  13. Wingloader

    Sun flare gone wrong :(

    Strange one Earthdog, guess you've probably thought of most things, but have you previously used a preset, if so try reinstalling original shaders and then a preset, possible, hope you get it sorted.
  14. Wingloader

    CPU and texture resolution in V4

    Think this may be what you saw ref CPU Load, interesting.
  15. Wingloader

    Possible to show KML/KMZ path in sim?

    Little navmap is a good tool, well recommended.