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  1. On the A320 Neo, I see both FMS's are mirrored to eachother. Either this is just a simple coincidence or this could be a sign that either FMS's don't work, both will have the same pages. I'm getting excited for more info on this. I just really hope we're not being tricked into Microsoft Flight attempt 2. If this is the simulator we're hoping for, I am more than happy putting all of my more than 1000 dollar spent on addons aside and let default stuff start to take it's work. If Aerosoft is involved, I think they would help bring it into mind with Microsoft what we want and what we don't want. If there's a company to know that, Aerosoft would be the one. They make planes and scenery.
  2. I actually have a great idea for this ongoing solution. If any of the dev team is watching, is it possible to put some sort of option in the FMC or OC to change the speed of which the streaks show? Definitely keep what Rob, or all that you guys think is correct as default but to put it as an option, I believe it would finally put this ongoing topic to rest and everyone would be happy. Remember, I have absolutely NO experience in rain effects of any sort so I wouldn't know if that was even possible but just a thought. Thanks guys!
  3. Not relative to the topic but after watching that video, man has PMDG done a great job with their sounds.
  4. Your performance will be GREAT. Take a look at my specs down below. I get around 30-35 fps on the thing on my specs and it runs very smooth. It's also a great aircraft, manages well, and sounds are great. GO FOR IT 😄 Happy Flying!
  5. They just released another quick update an hour or two ago. Try updating again.
  6. And after working for 2 hours right when I submit a forum post, it randomly started working 😉 my luck. Sorry for disturbing all and no, I didn't do anything since to fix it 😄
  7. Hello, Whenever trying to download version info or liveries in the OC, now it says that I need to enable TLS 1.2 in Control Center. I've looked this up in many different forums and tried everything I've been reading. I've even tried disabling 1.2 and re-enabling it again. Any new ideas? Thanks!
  8. Totally. PMDG is a company that has been alive for, what, over a decade? And has been supplying this community with such realistic aircraft and amazing masterpieces to fly just so that we can experience problems? See? That makes no sense. Remember, even if this is a PMDG problem, we are all human. We all make mistakes. Do you think a developer would intentionally put a bug in their software? And to be quite frank, with me being a beta tester and partial developer for a scenery developer, you should be happy Kyle is nice enough to leave this topic up, and better yet, try to still assist you with your problem even after that comment. If you wrote that in my forum, your message would be long gone. I'm sorry to be this steamy about this but as a part developer myself, I can assure you no developer would put this in a product on purpose. And next time you decide to write something like this in a PMDG forum, please keep in mind that full names are required in all posts from the PMDG forum. Have a pleasant morning, Brian McCumiskey
  9. Good thinking. I have the panel. Let me see what I can do about USB Power Management with that
  10. I've never thought about that. Let me try it. Good thinking
  11. It does however only happen when I'm around an hour through my flight. . I've even tried with just mouse and keyboard and it still does it.
  12. Hello, First of all, I have searched many forums for this and have tried everything and can't find a fix. Every few flights or so my yoke on only the PMDG aircraft will bank slightly to either the right or left. I have no idea what this is. I have the saitek pro flight yoke and have tried resetting multiple options through both fsuipc and others and nothing has worked. I've even tried my old joystick instead of my yoke and nothing has changed. All of my other aircraft work fine so I believe this is possibly a PMDG problem. If someone could get back on this that would be fantastic! Cheers!
  13. I will say again: E: Engines T: Turn O: Or P: People S: Swim 😂
  14. 1: Engine Shutters is gonna be fixed - Remember: This plane came out only 24 hours ago 2: You turned the tcas to the far right position. You don't turn it to the far right in the 748, you turn it to the one before the far right 3: You likely didn't press airport button on the eicas so you wouldn't have seen the ground map 4: No idea about that one 5: You put the flight plan into the company route folder and load into acars and sign in 6: The new OC isn't out yet
  15. Kyle, I know this has something to do with you 😄 Earlier you said the next plane would be a wood pigeon. Really?
  16. I actually found the frames to be the same and if not, maybe a little better. At first I thought 70 bucks was overpriced, but after flying it, I actually understand it. Getting rainmaker and buggy splatted on the windshied, efb, and the sound of the GENX engines are amazing. Totally worth it. You will have much joy with this aircraft and if you get it, have fun!
  17. @rsrandazzo I can honestly say that I've never been this excited to purchase a PMDG product. It's so nice flying this beauty and you guys did an exceptionally well job. You and your team have released a product that I have not seen any bugs on my system except the ones on my windshield 😄 I literally purchased right when it went live and have to say, you have done an amazing job with it. I also am in a long haul right now from Everett to Frankfurt and got the surprise of it raining in Everett so I can test rainmker. I'm flying in the DLH livery (I'm sorry. I know that they have finished their 748 deliveries 🙂) And did a wing wave on the way out. Was an amazing experience with rainmaker and no performance impact is amazing. The engine sounds are giving me chewwygasms 😄 I can safely say, this is the most in-depth PMDG product, both inside and out, that I've every purchased and if not one of the most in depth aircraft known to flight sim. Thanks again so much and amazing work as always and I'm going to enjoy every minute of this beauty! All Hail the Queen!
  18. I'm guessing in a few. I live in CA and it's releasing England time. So it's midnight here. I'm sorry. I'm way too excited to sleep 😄
  19. I got confirmation it is required. Also to get support, you need to be on a 4.3+ platform.
  20. Should I deactivate P3D when updating? It's still gonna be on the same PC so I don't think so...
  21. Okay... That's what I was looking for... Ok. Well looks like I'm gonna update to 4.3 then. Thanks for letting me know!
  22. But going back to the original question... Will the rainmaker run on 4.2? I'm confused because it says that earlier version for the B748 will still work, just won't be officially compatible. I was asking if I should go by what the website says or what's in the forum.
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