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  1. HA! I was wondering what that number was in their post......🙃
  2. Yes I fully agree with you but I would have at least expected them to say SOMETHING about the T1A release even if it would have just been a one liner. It's not like they don't know how much anticipation there is to test the single-most revolutionary piece of simulation software that any of us have seen. I am 100% behind them to take their time but early on when they substantiated their transparency and dedication to the simulator community, I would expect that to extend to the test builds as well.
  3. I read on another forum that they changed the update schedule to Fridays instead of Thursdays.
  4. Ohhh I see......I thought I was going crazy! Thanks for clearing this up for me!
  5. Hello folks, I am having a bit of an issue. I have been running PSXT with no issues in the past but I recently built a new computer and after installing and re-configuring P3D 4.4 with all the add-ons, I came to the PSXT installation. I am not running Real Traffic, just wanted to have some parked aircraft at the gates but no matter what I do, the parking % remains blank. I am running PSXT 13.10 locally, have installed FLAi v.15 and confirmed that PSXT has a connection to P3D by the green bar at the top of the PSXT window. I have posted my log file for reference below. Any help is highly appreciated!
  6. Ed, Can this be changed as in is there a way to change the variables the G1000 looks at? The AVIONICS_MASTER_SWITCH does change when I toggle the switch but ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY does not.
  7. Hi Ed, Thank you for your suggestion. I have confirmed that Battery1Swtich, BatteryElecPower and AvionicsElecPower LVARs are reading 0 as all master switches are off. It's almost like the G1000 is not reading the variables from P3D.
  8. Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out an issue I have had for some time with my setup. I am running the G1000 PFD and MFD screens in popup windows so they can each be displayed on individual screens but the G1000 remains powered on no matter what state the Master switches (Battery or Avionics) are in. As soon as the aircraft is loaded the G1000 powers up. I have an Advanced license because I am using hardware to interface with the sim and the aircraft I am using it in is the A2A C182. I should mention that I do have the "Accusim=YES" parameter in my G1000.ini file. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. So it’s been almost a year since P3D v4 was released and still no updates from Mindstar. Nearly all developers for P3D have moved to 64-bit by now including direct competitors......This is more than disappointing to say the least. Not so much the lack of 64-bit versions but more so the lack of updates from the developers at Mindstar.
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