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  1. Criticism is a valuable tool for training and improving a product.
  2. I had two deliveries in a row with the package opened from Amazon. I called customer care and they gave me ten dollars off on my next order and assured me it would not happen again. In a separate incident with my wife ordering Jewelry from the liquidation channel delivery by DHL we had several packages disappear at one of the DHL en-route points. They tried to blame it on Canada post, I live in Canada and basically stonewalled me. Since this is an America based company I submitted all my paperwork and communications to FTC (Federal Trade Commission) online. That got action and the Liquidation channel refunded 4000.00 dollars to my wife from the orders she made that disappeared. Keep all paper work and if you miss an item and cannot get a satisfactory result from the company submit all to the FTC. There is also Ombudsman when all channels are exhausted.
  3. You could try going to settings, System, Display scroll to the bottom click Graphics Settings and make sure your Flight Sim app preference is set at high performance. I just discovered mine were not.
  4. You could sell your current rig and buy what you want then save all the aggravation in case something doesn't work right after all your rebuild efforts and expense let alone all the research time you have to put in wasting valuable time in the end is equal to your extra money being spent. I would go for the new rig if I had the cash on hand. Regards Pete
  5. I would run under Windows PowerShell (adminstrator) sfc /scannow to look for and repair any corrupt files you may have on your system. If that fails run this command: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command prompt check system files
  6. Couple guesses since it is a new setup you have. Could be windows firewall anti-virus blocking the installer. In which case you have to make an exception by going to; Action center/Windows update/Windows security/Virus and threat protection scroll down to virus and threat protection settings and click manage settings/scroll down to exclusions and click add or remove exclusions once there you can add an exclusion for your just flight installer. 2. Further there is also another exclusion by clicking control panel/ then windows defender firewall at the top left is a link Allow an app or feature through windows defender click on that and then aboev the box of apps is a link to change settings click that then you can add your app. 3. What I had to do was make sure to install FS9 on a different drive than the operating system was on Drive D -never on Drive C;Program Files (86) I also had to take ownership of FS9 exe. But that may not be your cause if you see no permission issue. It just crashes blank to desktop. If you have a third party firewall as I have like Zone Alarm they can lock the hosts file and it stays locked even if you shut it down and your installer will not be able to connect to Just Flight. There is a setting at least in Zone Alarm in advanced firewall settings to uncheck the box next to Lock the hosts file. I worked for two weeks trying to install FSDevelopers plane beechcraft v35 and the bendix radios and all the time it was the ZA setting once that was unticked it all installed like without a glitch. This is all I have to say for now as I do not have more info and these are just my experiences in the frustration of trying to install programs that windows or a firewall doesn't explain to you what it does secretly to block things that you want. Another thing Would be to download from Just flight your latest installer for your product. Mine are all under my account because you have a new computer do not try to install from an old exe file down load a fresh installer from Just Flight. Could be their server thinks someone else is trying to install who is not you. Regards, Peter
  7. Here is what I have done to my 172n and it works very realistic now and is fun to fly there is no autopilot so I test and fly it manually to it' ceiling here is how. The following tips for the Carenado 172n which I have. I use fs9 but it is a Carenado plane . above 5 ,000 ft it starts to lag and se climb ability so I changed the Thrust Scalar value to 1.2 instead of 0.83 probably 1.0 would improve this rate of climb but I haven't tested that. Of course altitude, temp and air density would change the rate of climb as well. [piston_engine] power_scalar = 1.063 //Piston power scalar I changed this value from 1.0 cylinder_displacement= 88.0 //Cubic inches per cylinder compression_ratio= 8.5 //Compression ratio number_of_cylinders=4 //Number of cylinders max_rated_rpm= 2650 [propeller] thrust_scalar = 1.2 //0.81 //Propeller thrust scalar is the value I changed propeller_type= 1 //0=Constant Speed, 1=Fixed Pitch propeller_diameter= 6.3 //Propeller Diameter, (feet) propeller_blades= 2 //Number of propeller blades propeller_moi= 5.5 //Propeller moment of inertia beta_max= 0 //Maximum blade pitch angle for constant speed prop, (degrees) beta_min= 0 ETC. After this I changed yaw_stability = 1.0" to 3.0 resolves the problem of needing to constantly correct rolling to the left or right. This is found in the flight Tuning section. [flight_tuning] cruise_lift_scalar = 1.0 parasite_drag_scalar = 1.0 induced_drag_scalar = 1.2 elevator_effectiveness = 1.0 aileron_effectiveness = 1.0 rudder_effectiveness = 0.8 pitch_stability = 1.0 roll_stability = 1.3 yaw_stability = 3.0 //1.0 I changed this value to 3.0 elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1.8 aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 I got these tips from https://www.braybaroque.ie/cloudy/cloudy_tips/tips.htm It applied to the Carenado 150 but I used it on my 172n. Above 3000ft I ajust the mix to about 75%- 42% you can play with it but I leave it at that. Also ajust your trim to keep climb rate around 5 to 700 ft per min. With the above setting changes at 13,000 I am slowed to 80kts and a climb rate dropping because I am reaching the airplanes ceiling. I find this realistic compared to default values. What I changed was only 3 values. 1. Under fine tuning yaw_stability = 3.0 //1.0 I changed this value to 3.0 =no more wild roll 2. Under propeller thrust_scalar = 1.2 //0.81 //Propeller thrust scalar is the value I changed was 0.81 3. Under Piston Engine power_scalar = 1.063 // was 1.0    
  8. Glad it worked out It is a real nightmare to reinstall from scratch especially all the licensing and configurations. I use Ease to do but Macrium is also a great tool to have.
  9. I have Carenado planes they are great looking but can be unrealistic to real life performance as you already know. You might try to change the values in the Aircraft configuration file under the following headings to the more realistic ones which I copied from the RealAir 172 I fly it with passenger weight and it always performs well in climbs. [piston_engine] power_scalar = 1.063 [propeller] thrust_scalar = 1.2
  10. Here are a couple of sites that may help you recover win 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/rescue-files-when-windows-wont-start/862c143f-9239-4e63-8968-635e8ba9efd6 https://www.howtogeek.com/131907/how-to-create-and-use-a-recovery-drive-or-system-repair-disc-in-windows-8/ https://www.backup-utility.com/windows-10/create-windows-10-recovery-disk-4348.html
  11. "Unlike general-aviation aircraft, every bank, pitch and power change in a jet airliner takes a few seconds to show results on its instruments. Impatience worsens the problem, so jetliner pilots get accustomed to the way their aircraft handle and give them the extra time they need for responding to controls." The above is from Bill Stacks Jet Simming digital book. In a lesser way this also applies to less massive biz jets and turbo props. This is normal behavior and very important when landing to realize it takes a few seconds for throttle input to kick in never be too slow and low in a big jet on approach close to the ground there is no instant response with the mass of a large jet.
  12. I use Win 10 home to run FS9 As I understand from reading various forums Flight Simulator will not work properly if installed in C:\Program Files (x86). You must change the installation path I put mine in; D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9 That drive is 3 terabytes SSD, With scenery and other addons fs9 so far is over 89 GBs in size but takes only a fraction of the disc space available on that drive. It runs flawlessly, I much prefer this sim for flight I have FSX and I am considering getting X-Plane but still waiting and reading about user bugs etc.
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