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  1. The Captain told him to do it.
  2. Kieron

    Windows 10 and nvidia inspector

    I have Windows 10 Edu and Nvidia Inspector is working fine.
  3. I found that my Internet Security (bitdefender 2015) was blocking the 737/777 from communicating with ASN silently even when all Flight Simulator related directories and files were whitelisted and "allowed" through the AV/Firewall. There were no warnings or alerts that anything was wrong, it just blocked it. Uninstalling Bitdefender solved the issue.
  4. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    As a note for those who actually like the full screen metro start menu, it is still there! Right click on your taskbar and click "Properties", under "Start Menu" there is a check box for "Use start menu instead of start screen". Simply uncheck.
  5. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    It is possible to go from Win7 and Win8/8.1 without any format
  6. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    Even from Win7 (I upgraded from Win7)
  7. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    You don't need to reinstall. It is an "Upgrade" just like an update, even going into the tech preview.
  8. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    From further research and looking around the OS it appears that Windows 10 is smarter than 8/8.1 in the sense that it won't select hardware such as joysticks for the "Power Saving Mode". My X55 does not appear in the list neither does it have the option to turn it on or off unlike other devices such as my Printer and external HDD's. Maybe MS have listened after all as so many people complained about this.
  9. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    I noticed a slight decrease in initial load time however loading the flight itself appeared unchanged. Other than that everything seemed to run the same as before.
  10. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    None at all, however I never had any in Win8 either.
  11. Kieron

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    Well I have done a flight with Win10 and so far all seems to work, even EZdok. So far so good.
  12. Kieron

    Unlocking the 737

    Jon, Not sure what you mean by "asks for my password" but if you are using the password you use to login to the PMDG store then this is incorrect. Within the PMDG store you can login and find a list of your previous orders, clicking on the order number of the NGX order will open up the details. Towards the bottom of that page you will find a activation code, this is what you need to put into the box. Hope this helps Kieron
  13. I'd rather people do the challenged to raise awareness AND donate
  14. The day after my 21st birthday... I can live with that haha. At least I know I have money in my bank!
  15. It is my 21st birthday on the 16th, no pressure guys, only the biggest birthday of my life!