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  1. RobW05

    What is Plan GS?

    With the TBM900 your TAS (true airspeed) at FL310 with normal cruise settings will be around 310 knots. Now let's assume you excpect a 50 knot headwind, then you would plan with a GS of 260 knots. Got it? 😉 But in the end it doesn't really matter, Pilot2ATC uses this to pre-plan your ETA and TOD shown on the map. But all this is re-calculated during your flight so you don't have to worry about it much.
  2. RobW05

    no atc (almost) after take off

    Are you on a validated an filed IFR flight plan and received IFR clearance from ATC before you started your flight? In that case ATC should tell you to get back on course and even give you a rough heading. When back on course it should tell you to resume navigation. Otherwise if you are on a VFR flight, you will not be warned being off course.
  3. RobW05

    Not Recognizing AI Traffic

    The short answer is they do not work together. The only interaction you can have for now is to make up to 19 WT3 generated aircraft visible for P2ATC. That's what you already discovered: As mentioned, it just makes the WT3 aircraft visible for P2ATC and this way they also will show up on your TCAS. It would be beyond the scope of this P2ATC forum to describe the differences, just be told they are huge. 😉 Then you already have what you're looking for, at least as far as possible at this stage. P2ATC will warn you for traffic nearby you and will issue a go around to you in case there's traffic on the runway you are approaching, or it will tell you to hold short and wait for incoming traffic. That's pretty much it, at least until Greg and Dave, the developers of these plugins really start to work on some interface.
  4. If you've set up your networked installation via XPUIPC wide client correctly, there cannot be any confusion.
  5. RobW05

    Registration Pilot2ATC

    You're right, should have done that. Sorry.
  6. RobW05

    Registration Pilot2ATC

    It is a very bad idea to share your key via a public forum. You better remove that immediately!
  7. Hmm, i did 3 flights with ASXP this weekend and the "sim weather" seemed to be fine. Winds and altimeter shown in P2ATC seemed to match what i had in Xplane, but i admit i haven't looked so close to tell both were 100% identical. But thanks Dave, so I will be using Active Sky weather in P2A from now on.
  8. Active Sky for xplane writes to the standard metar.rwx file, so you just have to point P2ATC to read sim weather.
  9. RobW05

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    For those who own a complete Edition license: Connex has updated the remote joystick beta and it finally works again.
  10. RobW05

    Frequency snapping

    Had that problem too, but it's already fixed for me since a few versions.
  11. RobW05

    Told to descend during SID

    I think P2ATC is correct. If you are cleared to climb via a departure, you are expected to respect any restrictions which might apply for the specific departure.
  12. RobW05

    COM frequency tuning problem

    Thank you Dave! I'll try that next time.
  13. RobW05

    COM frequency tuning problem

    Thanks a lot Dave! I´ll send you a log file from a flight I just did, unfortunately I had to break up the flight after 3 hours because of a simulator problem. The problem #2 occured on this flight so I hope it helps anyway. Greetings Robert
  14. Hi Dave, I'm using P2ATC with x-plane for more than a year now without problems, only recently I have some trouble. 1. When I'm told to contact a different controller I set the new frequency in the aircraft (not via P2ATC Com menu). While tuning up from, let's say, 123.25 to 125.70 the frequency often jumps around. That means it seems to hang at a certain point and doesn't follow my inputs. For example it jumps back and forth from 124.30 to 124.35 although I'm just trying to tune it further up. This lasts for a few seconds until it follows my inputs again, just to start the same again a few frequency steps later. When I look into the P2ATC Com window while tuning I notice that it seems P2ATC is looking for controller names and won't let me tune further until the name was found and displayed below the frequency. This seems to interrupt my commands and sometimes even jumps around as described above. I should mention that I have a networked P2ATC setup, if that matters. This problem started when I updated to version in July, but I skipped a few versions before so I can't say which update exactly brought the problem. It also happens in the most recent version. 2. The WPT, DIST, DTK and ETE in the upper left corner are no more showing my next waypoint, but only the destination Airport ICAO the entire flight although there are plenty of waypoints ahead. Sorry for the long text. 🙂 Thank you & greetings Robert