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  1. Hi, Can anyone make liveries for this amazing freeware addon: https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/6/674? Thanks so much, Will
  2. WilliamS

    vTCX | Enlist

    Sorry, redundant post. Please can someone delete it? In the meantime, the real post is here:
  3. WilliamS

    vTCX | Enlist

    Good day everyone! I am here to introduce you to the Thomas Cook Virtual Group (or vTCX). We aim to be as realistic as possible, with real world routes and fleet. We currently use FSWire to coordinate the virtual airline.This wonderful platform can even provide charts necessary for your route. We have something for everyone, so come along and enlist!
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Thomas Cook Virtual (vTCX)! We are a virtual airline aiming to be as realistic and similar to the real airline as possible! With the help of a Thomas Cook employee, we think we are doing this fairly well. To join, you need to download "Discord". Discord is a free communications platform used primarily by gamers. For more information, visit https://discordapp.com/. With that done, just click this link: https://discordapp.com/ to join our server. Please take the time to read our few rules. The first handful of people will be selected at random to become the Area Manager of Thomas Cook Scandinavia. More information on this will be on the server. We hope to see you soon! William vTCX Communications Manager We will release information of our flight tracking and ACARS services shortly.
  5. WilliamS

    Autopilot/throttle disconnect alarm

    I think that's the solution; thanks Kyle.
  6. Hi, When I disconnect the autopilot or auto throttle, an alarm sounds as it should. However, it doesn’t stop until I physically click the alarm button. How do I stop it otherwise?
  7. WilliamS

    Autopilot/throttle disconnect alarm

    A screen shot may not be necessary. I am clicking the Z key on my keyboard.
  8. WilliamS

    Autopilot/throttle disconnect alarm

    Hi, when I click the same button again, the alarm stops, but only because the autopilot has re-engaged!
  9. WilliamS

    Autopilot/throttle disconnect alarm

    Thanks, will try that 😉
  10. WilliamS

    Where to advertise a VA?

    Thanks @charliearon
  11. Hi All, just wondering where on AVSIM I can advertise my virtual airline? will
  12. WilliamS

    Jetways won’t connect to PMDG B738

    I'm gonna come at this with a solution which I hope you've already tried. If it's a default airport, and you've tried everything else, why not just check your keybind to operate the jetway? Regards, Will
  13. WilliamS

    IVAO; Cannot see other traffic!

    Oh yes, sorry @charliearon. I thought this was specifically a steam edition forum, but must have misread. I am using FSX:SE.
  14. Hi! I cannot see other traffic when using IVAO. I know I haven’t given much detail, tell me if you need any more. will
  15. WilliamS

    Aircraft Shakes on Spawn!

    Hi all, When I load up the 737, the aircraft violently shakes, making it unuseable. I have attached a video: Please help!
  16. Hi, I just started flying IVAO. However, I cannot see any other aircraft. Please help?!
  17. Hello everyone, I've been asking around on VATSIM about what people would think of an (unofficial) 123.45 frequency. Would anyone be interested if I set up a 123.45 discord server for general pilot conversation? Discord is a completely free voice chat service used predominantly by gamers. However, I think it would work fine for this cause. Click on the link below to join. William Discord server join link: https://discord.gg/vng2eym
  18. Hi All, Why not take a look at our brand new discord server: https://discord.gg/DKeNq7c Will
  19. WilliamS

    Fly Tampa Schiphol (EHAM) performance

    Hi Daz. It really depends on your specs. Personally, I have never had issues with addon airports, but you may want to turn of the larger addon airports when not in use. Will.
  20. WilliamS

    Air hauler

    Hi. This is probably not the forum for this question? Try asking here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/436-the-prepar3d-forum/
  21. Hi all, As with a lot of people, I am sick and tired of FSX's rubbish textures. I have recently gotten into using ADE to enhance airports, and wondered if it would be possible to improve say, airport building textures. Currently, they are 1024x1024, but would I be able to open these image files in GIMP/Photoshop/Whatever and edit them to make them higher resolution, look better, etc. Thanks, Will.
  22. Hi everyone, I recently asked about whether I should get Prepar3d. I was blown away by the positive feedback it gets, but also that I would need a much better PC. So, quelle surprise, I'm asking about the specs that you guys recommend. I'd like to know: What processor: probably which i7? What graphics card? How much RAM? Most importantly, (this is the bit I always struggle with) can you recommend a specific motherboard? On a final note, I am looking for a budget build! Thanks, William.
  23. WilliamS

    P3D v4 recommended PC specs?

    OK. Definitely buying a 2070. I've never built a PC before, so to gain experience, I'm building a *rubbish* one for my mother!
  24. WilliamS

    P3D v4 recommended PC specs?

    But why a 2070 over a 1070?