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  1. Actually Google Maps already have a DirectX feature for lighting, of course that their A.I algorithms can easily build 3D structures on top of maps, it wouldn't be a problem for them to insert aerial physics on a dynamic environment for a flight simulator, however MFS2020 will be there, ready and Xplane updated with a new render engine so Is highly doubtful Google would jump in.
  2. I guess the game will cost around $99 or you can play with with the Xbox Ultimate Pass exclusively. Some missions will be free and other missions with exclusive development will have a price, same for aircraft and fancy add-ons.
  3. a me sta bene usare la propria lingua, io sono sviluppatore e disegno aeri penso che vorrei fare nella mia lingua tutto ciò che riguarda il pannello e cruscotti del SIAI Marchetti madonna la Ferrari dei cieli.
  4. Are you conscious that the leaked material is 720p compressed into FLV from a computer that was downloading scenery and at the same time streaming (uploading) live ? Even under that horrible compressor, the lighting the clouds and he cockpit look fascinating.
  5. if the platform is not yet enough to run smoothly at 16GB ram then it is a serious matter and release date could delay towards December.
  6. I hope the SDK is specific and complex enough so that Devs cannot convert their creations of the past for other Sims into FS2020.
  7. gladby correct, sorry if I misunderstood your point there.
  8. GlodeBy cloud = "sent server side or part of the core game. "
  9. well it seems that I am some sort of delusion to you, if you look in the Microsoft job board you will see that they are looking for a producer for the flight simulator marketplace. " "Marketplace Producer, Microsoft Flight Simulator" "we are looking for an experienced Marketplace Producer to partner with our Executive Producer in the Marketplace/Store presence for the next version of Microsoft Flight Simulator." "In this role you will be directly responsible for tracking the quality and timely execution of deliverables from our external partners" "including setting up proper workflow and communication processes for managing the inventory/pricing/strategies/presence of our internal/external Marketplace store. "
  10. Developers will typically publish their enriched sceneries in the marketplace and it is the user that decides which one to buy from. Mods can stay local but only for you, in order to share or "update" the world will go typically to the cloud under approval.
  11. in summary, if you are looking to improve your house in game or your swimming pool since I saw a lot of rich people with 32GB ram hang in here and also people willing to mod for free, then nobody will care about these specific mods. You will only see these mods locally or they need to go through approval for the rest to see it, or you can start moding and enriching serious landscape and sell in the marketplace.
  12. well if you play offline with a cache older than the uploaded mod I guess you won't see it, what are you talking about?
  13. That is the point, the mods won't stay local, so you gonna need to re cache the area to see the mod or just stream.
  14. exactly, if an user start creating buildings and form a huge word not allowed svastika in-game now that is a problem, so I think it the game will accept scenery specific modifications in game and it will go under approval once you are done, and then everyone see it for free. As for major enrichments you may have the possibily to sell the asset in the marketplace and only buyers will see it but I don't think they will have to install anything just by buying the asset it will be deployed in the cloud they stream from.
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