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  1. As both a developer (not related to flight simulation) and a flight simulation enthusiast, I've been watching the Fenix A320 project since it began and have been impressed with what the team has accomplished. Aamir's communication, especially the quoted post above, has been the most impressive aspect of the project. He is doing a fantastic job setting appropriate expectations ahead of launch, which is a hallmark of excellent product management. False expectations are so insidious, they can cause customers to perceive even the most successful rollout as a failure and have been a key cause of failure I've seen in numerous projects over the years. For better and worse, development paradigms have shifted over the years to speed delivery in response to a more competitive market. The initial release will always have some room for improvement, that's a feature, not a bug. Aamir is already opening a dialogue with the community on what is potentially on the roadmap, which further cements my positive opinion on Fenix. I'm looking forward to this launch with great excitement.
  2. I’m a developer for a large company and often support software supplied by vendors. You would not believe the performance and functionality regressions that get shipped in updates. There are too many factors that go into why this happens to address in this post, but it is unfortunately very common. Resist the urge to be too critical of the developers; there are enormous pressures and unreasonable demands placed on them.
  3. Stunning indeed. I just had an amazing flight from KBOS to KIAD and couldn't find fault with anything. I know others have already mentioned this, but the sounds are incredible!
  4. Yes, it's normal. Their servers are likely under a tremendous load. It will come.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly! It's easy to forget that behind every product are real human beings. I work in banking technology, and with the year we've had, I can relate to absolutely unsustainable, dare I say inhumane work expectations that many tech professionals (and likely the Asobo team) regularly encounter. Yes, the compensation is good (I'm not complaining) and I feel very fortunate for my job, but people aren't machines.
  6. I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but given the hedging language in last night's development update, prepare yourself to not have all performance issues addressed.
  7. No, you're probably not doing anything wrong. Oddly enough, that requisite perpetual concentration is why I like the CRJ. I'll quote myself from several pages back - "this is an aircraft that demands attention at all stages of flight and is supremely rewarding to fly."
  8. My initial thoughts are very positive, seemingly more so than the general consensus. First off, whoever created the documentation for this aircraft deserves a standing ovation. The CRJ is one of the few aircraft where the manuals are genuinely helpful, logically organized, and don't feel like an afterthought. The only documentation I've seen that surpasses this belongs to aircraft costing three times as much. I had a fantastic flight from Munich to Cologne while referencing the tutorial flight document. It has been a while since I've used an aircraft with rear-mounted engines, so my approach to runway 32R at Cologne was slightly off vertical profile while I became accustomed to how much trim is needed when adjusting the throttle. You should pass on this aircraft if you enjoy setting a cruising altitude and leaving your sim on a cross-country flight; this is an aircraft that demands attention at all stages of flight and is supremely rewarding to fly. The overall framerate is similar to the Fly By Wire A320, though the CRJ subjectively seems to have a lower overall frame time variation. I didn't notice any oddities during the flight, but I haven't tested approach mode on autopilot yet since I tried to hand fly as much as possible to familiarize myself with the flight characteristics of the CRJ. P.S. I got a chuckle from the Easter egg contained in the SkyCam.
  9. What is your CPU and what cooling solution are you using? Are you overclocking? I've stress tested high end CPUs with unrealistic all-core AVX workloads and never got them that hot.
  10. Yes, I'm seeing framerates reduced by around 50% on occasion in some areas as of March 14th. These dips last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute and are accompanied by a sudden, sharp decrease in GPU utilization and increase in CPU load on the main thread. Luckily, it rarely happens on takeoff or final approach, so I'm able to deal with it.
  11. Out of curiosity, were you above maneuvering speed?
  12. I'm pleasantly surprised. The Working Title team has an enormous pool of skill, and I have confidence we will get a very good Garmin implementation in the future. Congratulations to the team and thank you for the hundreds of hours you've collectively spent making this sim better.
  13. I've noticed that the Microsoft Store app will often perform these updates in the background.
  14. It is indeed. Windows 10 has a feature called fast startup that, when enabled, does not actually shut down the Windows kernel or drivers. Instead, it simply refreshes the RAM with a hibernation file at startup. Performing a restart avoids this issue.
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