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  1. I have a RTX 2080Ti but i feel it's not enough. I must wait for a RTX 3090.
  2. Yeap, i agree with you. But it will take several months before having an excellent result!
  3. I hope they'll optimize even more on the performance to make it smoother?
  4. Yeap, this siteweb is great! For all free.
  5. You're not the only one. Me 2 i stopped the flight simulation after 7 years of abstinence between my job...then with the release of FS2020 i went back to the sim and now i'm addicted lol I'm glad i haven't lost all my aeronautics skills.
  6. How i couldn't have noticed. At the same time i only fly 787 and A320.
  7. Hey Bryan, It's correct, this is displayed when i run the checklist, now it's easy. Until now i had never blocked the panel in the game.
  8. U can download here: https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/boeing-787&page=1&sort=last_release
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