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  1. I have bought FS Traffic mainly because of the option to set up my own onair-virtual-airline in MSFS: own flightplans, own liveries. Is there an easy way to get rid off the FS Traffic flightplans and to inject only my own flightplans via FS Traffic alongside the FSLTL injector for the "real" FR24 flights? Would this be a possibility? Any experiences / ideas?
  2. I don´t think so. Well, I did not see any option to change the path for installation
  3. Same for me today: 2 3h-flights and no crash today
  4. This is an interesting speculation. I flew with the M.E.Mod now a couple of month without any CTDs. Yesterday I uninstalled the Mod. Since then I had already 3 CTDs (ntdll). Pure Accident or with a reason? I don´t know, but I am going to install it again now 🙂 Maybe I´ll disable the live-weather, too
  5. Thanks a lot for your reply and your help!
  6. Hi all, just a noob question to some experienced GSX users. I fly the JF Bae146. When it comes to the boarding via GSX Pro the program tells me to open exit 1or2, allthough all exits are open, no matter what airport. Did someone experience something similar? Or does the Bae 146 simply not work out of the box and have to start the whole "editing stuff"?
  7. Hi all, I am looking for a paintkit for the MSFS Kodiak 100 from SWS, but have not been able to find anything yet. Maybe I am blind. Does anyone know, where to download the paintkit, if there is one?
  8. I have to admit, that i ..... stick with "unrealistic"😬 Well, it is not my fault, that Airbus did not ask me, if they should build their planes with a yoke or not 😄
  9. Thank you all for your feedback. I am not sure, what happened, I tried it six times, the Kodiak was simply not able to stick to the HDG/flightpath after engaging the AP. But right now, 6h later, I started the sim again (there was a little update), everything works as it should. Really no clue, what happened, since it was not an SU, as AvAngel wrote. Well, after the last SU I had this exact problem with the CJ4. After Working Tile updated the mod, it was gone, but now we had a WU. These are the the miracles of technology 🤪
  10. Hi all, I did not have any probs with the superb Kodiak so far, but after the world update yesterday, my Kodiak does not react to HDG/NAV, when autopilot is engaged. Did anyone of you experience this as well? Any hints / workarounds?
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