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  1. If you were certain that you'd never make P3D products again and therefore you didn't not want customers wasting your time asking about P3D versions of your products, stating the obvious is far from dumb. It's in fact the smart thing to do. Not one dev who has released an MSFS product has claimed that the MSFS marketplace is not as lucrative as they hoped. No questions about that are being raised. Justsim Oslo seems like a great purchase for anyone still on P3D who wants an updated version of ENGM for only $10, but make sure you have sufficient VRAM. This has higher system requirements than the Aerosoft version (even my RTX-2060, which isn't that old doesn't meet Justsim's requirements as listed on Simmarket).
  2. Regarding liveries, you have to consider MSFT's position. They do not want to knowingly violate trademark law and they go after those that violate theirs. Thus no executive at MSFT is going to seriously consider using trademarked logos without the permission of their owners. If twenty other similarly-sized companies were doing it -- and getting away with it -- they still wouldn't do it. For a really big company to consider doing something they know to be illegal, there generally has to be a big reward and some ethically-challenged leadership. It happens all the time. Just not in the games division at MSFT. In other news, looks like Eastern Europe (or at least Prague) will be in the next World Update.
  3. I am new here but I really don't get the impassioned arguments. I came to this thread to learn details about this new F28 -- an aircraft I'm not all that familiar with. Seven pages in and there is almost nothing said about the actual aircraft. It is almost exclusively a food fight between those who think it is overpriced and those who either think you should buy it anyway to support the dev or should not complain about the price. No one here is going to come away from such a discussion thinking, "you know he has a point -- I now think $70 is quite reasonable" or "you know he has a point -- $70 is too much even though I like JF and really want an F-28." So what is the point of all of this bickering? Assuming it isn't just that people like to argue, I sense that some people here are concerned that the precedent primarily set when PMDG decided to price their MSFS DC-6 so reasonably, and followed by the more-than-reasonably priced study-level Fenix A320, might be eroded by an F28 (successfully) selling for $70. JF is in this business to make money. Everyone is. They need to find a sweep spot in pricing that allows them to maximize their earnings on their product. If they were convinced they could sell a million of these at $29 each, but only sell 10,000 of them at $99, I think we know what they'd do. Time will tell if they made the right decision. But each one of you has the power to influence future pricing decisions with your purchases or lack thereof. I might have bought this if it were $29, but there's a zero percent chance that I will at this price, but that's because I really don't care whether or not I ever actually have an F28 in MSFS. If it were one of the three aircraft I really want to see in this sim, I'd go ahead and pay it even though I wouldn't be happy about it; I think we can all agree that virtually all of the people who will buy this are big-time fans of the F-28 and that people like me won't be tempted no matter how good the aircraft turns out. JF has made the decision to price it higher, perhaps anticipating it won't be a huge seller because it's not the most popular aircraft in the skies, and that's their right. No one should be telling the other side how to spend their money. The marketplace, as always, will decide whether this price is reasonable. Can we please agree to not have a seven plus page discussion about the price of an aircraft ever again, okay? In a sim that literally offers you the entire world and has some now-amazing default aircraft, there really are better things to do with our time.
  4. IMPORTANT: Actually, it will not work. I started thinking about how I was going to connect the Airbus add-ons to the Boeing Quadrant and realized that the latter does not have SATA connectors for doing so unlike the Airbus Quadrant. So I opened up another ticket with Thrustmaster Support asking for clarification regarding the SATA issue: "This will NOT work. indeed the sata connections are needed AND the Airbus Quadrant Firmware is the only one that can recognise the sata connections." So while it is possible to use the Airbus Quadrant (with our without the Airbus Add-ons) with the Boeing Yoke (or even Boeing Yoke and Boeing Quadrant), or the Airbus Stick with the Boeing Quadrant (or both Quadrants), it is not possible to use just the Airbus Add-Ons without specifically the Airbus Quadrant. I really don't want two Boeing Quadrants and I really don't want a full Airbus Quadrant and a Boeing Quadrant on my desk, so I guess I'll just go with the Boeing Quadrant that is already coming with the Boeing Yoke and make do (I really wish it had two thrusters and both spoilers and flaps as well as removable indents for Airbus use, but then it would be perfect and we aren't allowed to have that). It's still a big step up from just the Logitech Extreme 3D.
  5. One thing my poor "old" RTX-2060 will never suffer from is too many FPS. If I could always get a locked 30 no matter where I went, I'd be extremely happy, and that's at 1080p. I agree with those who suggest anything over 60 is overkill for flight simming, but then how would I know? 😂
  6. Your wish... Boeing 307 Stratoliner Version 1 [PDF]: Click here to download the Boeing 307 Stratoliner Manual
  7. Thank you for responding. I did check with Thrustmaster tech support, and was informed that... "There should be NO issues combining our different quadrants on the PC game of MSFS2020. This of course comes with a caveat that default options might not work and therefore you would need to customise the settings as such. Another Caveat is that this is ONLY on the PC game and NOT on the Xbox Game." I wasn't as concerned with whether or not they could be attached to each other (though obviously that would be a huge plus) but rather whether or not the Airbus add-ons would work with the Boeing Quadrant. As you can see there is a problem doing that on Xbox. If I go ahead and purchase the add-on, I'll be sure to follow up here for anyone in the future that might want to do it.
  8. ?: Thrustmaster Boeing Quadrant with Airbus Quadrant Add-On? Anyone using those two together? Is it possible? I recently starting using MSFS 2020 on PC and have been somewhat satisfied with the Logitech Joystick I bought to use with it. I wasn't sure I wanted anything more complicated than that as I'm not a gamer and the number of buttons on even it was a bit intimidating at first. Then I discovered how truly amazing MSFS is beyond just being pretty. Today I bought the Thrustmaster: Boeing Edition with the yoke and quadrant. I think I'll be very happy with that. But I saw in one of the video reviews someone pointing out that the throttles on the quadrant aren't indented, which somewhat limits their usability and immersion. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried adding the Airbus Quadrant's add-ons (not the thrusts, just the speed break and flaps) to the Boeing Quadrant and if there's any reason why doing so won't work? The Airbus one has indents that you can barely feel at 4 (or 5?) positions and I don't need the additional thrusters of a second Boeing unit. I can speculate if it will work, but I'm hoping someone here knows the answer for real. Thank you for reading all of this! P.S., Sorry about this Photoshopped image. Just one more thing I'm not very good at!
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