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  1. This is a common modern tech scam. You wont get premium deluxe or whatevery DLC you paid for just like i didnt, and there is no risk what so ever to MS. They will just blame Steam Why did you think they have their own installer? Its to run up the play time and make it harder to get a refund. I was at 10.6 hours of 'gameplay' just downloading it and i never even got to play. 'They said it will take some hours. Relax it will be there.' Yes. Wait. And maybe leave it run to run up the clock so you cant return it. "Thanks for the money, suckers." -Microshaft
  2. Buying MSFS itself is basically falling for a scam. I almost blew a hundo on the premium deluxe so i could take off from a nearby airport. But I guess i didnt get the joke since nobody who gets the 'Premium Deluxe' version gets anything other than standard. I was quite excited to once again play a flight sim but MSFS is just trash.
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