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PMDG Has the Best FS Aircraft

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PMDG,I wanted to take the time and say thanks for your outstanding products. I have been involved with FS since the sublogic days and a very heavy FS enthusiast since FS98 came out ten years ago. I own every major payware aircraft out there, and nothing frustrates me more than to pay money for substandard products that are overhyped and filled with bugs. I'm sure we all can recount stories of poor products by other developers that were either released too soon or just poor in quality. This is not the case with PMDG, however. I own every product you've made and they're all outstanding. After 10 years and a LOT of money spent on payware, my three favorite products of all time are: #1 PMDG 737NG#2 PMDG 747-400#3 A certain 767 made by "another" developer (almost tied with #2 though) I will buy anything you guys make because I know I can count on it. Thanks again,



FSX w/Acceleration

Windows 7 x64 RC


Intel E8500 o/c to 4.275GHz/1800MHz FSB

Zalman 9700LED CPU Cooler

EVGA 790i Ultra Motherboard

EVGA GTX260 o/c to 690/1500/1130


WD Caviar Black 640GB

Antec 650W PSU

Samsung 22" LCD Widescreen Monitor

Samsung DVD

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I love this one #1 PMDG 737NG and can't wait till I can have it for FSX.Waldo

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You're right, PMDG by far makes the best aircraft with that certain 767 developer in a very very close second! Apart from GA aircraft, I never fly anywhere on any other airliner. They never cease to amaze me with the level of quality they put in. With any other developer you go through and scrutinize the feature list and screen shots just to see what you're really getting. With PMDG, you hear they just released an aicraft and read the feature list and admire the screeshots while your product is downloading.Ryan GamurotLucky to live Hawai'ihttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa296.png

Ryan Gamurot

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Jim, et al-Thanks very much for your kind words. All of us at PMDG obviously take this work very seriously- and nothing pleases us more than to know the attention to detail and quality is appreciated.As an aside- nobody in this forum should ever be bashful about speaking positively regarding Level D and their 767. LDS is a good crew- and they make great products- so by all means everyone should be supportive of them, also! I think just about all of us at PMDG have purchased a copy of either the FSX or FS9 version of the 767 (some of us- multiple copies...)We happen to have a very nice relationship with the guys from LDS- and we even included Daryl Shuttleworth in a PMDG Team Photo we took of the gathered PMDG members at AVSim's FANCON 07 back in November.We had the good fortune to spend some time with a few of the fellows from LDS- and it is truly a shame all of you couldn't have been there to share in the laughs!

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Yep, I second that. The original 767PIC was my introduction to complex addons and it is a legend. I have everything LDS has put out and will be first in line for the 757 when they release that.

Ryan Maziarz

For fastest support, please submit a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com

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Guest over and out

I agree 110%, PMGD are the best planes (I also love the LD 767). And don't forget the less complex but just as wonderful B1900C and D. I love this plane also (you can not beat the price).I have been flying the 737NG 6 to 900 and B1900C/D for a while and just recently got the 747-400 for FS9 for xmas and stating to learn this one. Next I'll be getting the 400F.As mentioned by others, there is nothing more disapointed than spending a lot on an addon just to find out it is a primative product. PMDG never disappoints.Also the provided PMDG tutorials on the 747 are great!The fact that I have all these PMDG planes is one of the biggest reasons I did not be upgrade to FSX.PMDG please keep up the good work and please keep us FS9'ers in mind for up coming projects.:-beerchug

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