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  1. Hello, I've been running FS2004 on W7 RC x64 since May 2009 with no major problems. I do have a few payware products that either won't install or have glitches, but 80% of my payware runs fine.I have a GTX260 w/ the latest drivers too. The only big video problem I have is blurry ground textures, but I had that problem using XP too. My experience has been that any product claiming compatibility with Vista will run in W7 x64.
  2. PMDG,I wanted to take the time and say thanks for your outstanding products. I have been involved with FS since the sublogic days and a very heavy FS enthusiast since FS98 came out ten years ago. I own every major payware aircraft out there, and nothing frustrates me more than to pay money for substandard products that are overhyped and filled with bugs. I'm sure we all can recount stories of poor products by other developers that were either released too soon or just poor in quality. This is not the case with PMDG, however. I own every product you've made and they're all outstanding. After 10 years and a LOT of money spent on payware, my three favorite products of all time are: #1 PMDG 737NG#2 PMDG 747-400#3 A certain 767 made by "another" developer (almost tied with #2 though) I will buy anything you guys make because I know I can count on it. Thanks again,
  3. Update, I got it working, but I had to tell it to show all a/c instead of limiting it to 100 miles. Not sure why, but all of the sudden only a/c within about 10 miles would show up when I had it limited to 100 miles. Jim
  4. Hi,Does anyone have an idea why the TCAS might stop working? I've had the 744 pax and 744F loaded for quite some time now and it used to work fine but recently I noticed that no aircraft show up on radar. I have plenty of AI traffic. I also have the PMDG 737NG and it still works fine, as does all other payware addons I have with TCAS. I did a search online and checked the settings in FS but no luck. Yes, I have all the switch settings correct and "TFC" is showing up on the MFD. I also try setting above and below settings but still no luck. Yesterday I followed an airbus onto final about 8 miles behind within 1,000 feet of same altitude but no radar blip. Any ideas?PS: I am not talking about flying online, just offline with AI traffic. I have FSUIPC (freeware) installed. Jim
  5. Ron,I installed the PMDG items in the correct order, but I forgot about the batch routine for the 600/700s. Thanks!
  6. Bryan, I was using the ATA PMDG 737-800 on a flight from KMDW to KSWF. Here's the flightplan: KMDW GIJ J146 ETG LHY.RUBER1 KSWFDepart time was 1325Z. I don't have any addon scenery for this area. I just tried a short (1hr) flight in the PMDG 737-700 and everything was fine. It must be something with the a/c causing it, there's no significant scenery in the KSWF immediate area. I'm going to try the 738 flight again and see what happens. Like I said, I have no problem with RCv4 using all my other payware aircraft. Thanks :)Jim
  7. Hello,First I want to say that I have spent many hours without problems using RC v4. I have used it with the following payware a/c without any incidents: F1 MD80, F1 ATR, FeelThere A320, PSS 757, snd PMDG 747. However, I never used it with the PMDG 737NG until today, and tried to make a 2 hour flight. Out of 2 attempts I got a CTD both times, and the CTD came almost exactly at the same place in the descent (about 60 miles from destination). Here's the programs I am running:Windows XPFS2004 SP1 (w/PMDG 737-800)ActiveSky 6RCv4FSUIPC 3.75Hardware is as follows:ASUS A8N-SLI MoBoAMD Athlon 64 4000+BFG GeForce 7950GT OC 2 GB RAM (4 X 512MB)SoundBlaster Audigy LSAny help is appreciated. I'm only having this problem with the PMDG 737.Jim
  8. Hello,I thought I'd respond since my system specs are similar to Paul's and I run the same addons:P4 3.0 GHz Intel 875PBZLK Board 800 MHz FSB2 GB RAMATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MBWindows XP SP2My processor is a little slower, I have an ATI card instead of NVidia, and a little more RAM. I also use RC4, AS6 and MyTraffic2006 but I do not have FS Passengers. I do not use the 3-D panel, I fly exclusively in 2D. Everytime I load FS2004 I go into task manager and close out as many programs as possible. I try to reduce the total number of tasks running to 28 or 29. I have no problems with the 757 other than some minor FMC issues which I believe have been identified already. I notice little difference with RC4 or AS6 running as far as performance goes. My frames are usually between 20-35 depending on weather and scenery. I did have problems with stutters but I isolated that to the AI program (MyTraffic). Jim
  9. Hello,I have been operating all of the 737NG models since they came out without any problems until now. Today, I loaded the 737-800 and the following occurred:- Radios will not work, even when APU is on;- Radio controls won't work at all, I can't change freqs;- The duct pressure always shows zero even when the APU is running and APU bleed is on;- Despite this, I managed to start the engines and bring the generators online, however the duct pressure still showed zero regardless of the bleed settings and the radios still won't work.I closed FS2004 and restarted clean but still the same thing happened. Any ideas?Jim
  10. I thought the PSS Staff would enjoy hearing from a satisfied customer, especially given some of the negative emails I've seen in this forum.Thank you for your continued work on fixing known issues. I installed the 777 patch and flew several flights. So far, all of the issues seem to be fixed on my system, except for one isolated instance where the autothrottle blasted me through the barber pole during a descent (only happened once). I am very satisfied at this point with my 777.Weather radar - I must say I am very impressed with the low impact on frames by the weather radar. I have other weather radar products and their frame impact is very noticable once it's turned on. The PSS radar has virtually no impact on frames on my system. Jim
  11. I did a search on this but couldn't find a related post.After the patch, I notice that waypoints in my flight plan are still being erased as soon as I input an arrival runway. The two waypoints for the runway are shown but all other waypoints in the STAR are erased. Is there something I'm missing?
  12. Yes, I've had problems over the past 6 months. "Page Not Found" screen appears every time I try to download a file. It started about 6 months ago, then suddenly stopped for a month or so, now it's back. I've read the previous posts about firewall configuration, cookies, trusted site lists, etc. but nothing works this time. I have all 4 site addresses listed in my trusted sites list, and nothing in my firewall is blocking it as far as I can tell. I have not changed anything on my PC during this time. This is the only site where I have a problem with downloads, I routinely download from other sites (both FS and others) without problem. AVSIM is the best FS forum with the best selection of files, many of which I can't find anywhere else. I haven't been able to download anything for 2 weeks now.
  13. About 6 months ago I started having problems with downloading files from AVSIM. This started without any changes to my PC, firewall, setup, etc. After some time spent tweaking the browswer and the firewall I was able to get the downloads working again. However, just this past week it started again. I am unable to download any files from the forum now. I read previous posts on this topic, even the one making several suggestions to overcome the firewall issue. I have three avsim addresses listed in my trusted sites list, but it's still not working. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, what else do I need to do to be able to download files? I routinely This is the only website that I have ever had download problems with.
  14. WOW, that was a fast response!! Never mind guys, I got it fixed. I think it was my stupid but incredibly secure firewall. Sorry for wasting support time with this. Great product!!Jim
  15. Hello,I just purchased 747-400F and I am having a problem with the validfation. I enter my Order ID and password (assuming its the same password as my account password) but it says it cannot validate. I setup my firewall to allow this application to work but still no validation. Any ideas?
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