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  1. Hello,we need this one for our Online Virtual Air Force:http://www.iai.co.il/Default.aspx?docID=37...s=0&pos=0&btl=1Interested parties please contact me at:oc(dot)viaf(at)gmail(dot)com
  2. Hi,can someone please remind me where the 747-400 Freighter System Documentation can be found, I can't locate it. Thanks
  3. My 2 cents as "layman": FSX with DX10 namely Vista, things run slower. How much depends on refinements to current software, hardware and the add-ons to be run in support of the flight. to me all this means slow. My home forum ran a poll 2 days ago regarding what people use, and although quite a few recently bought computers like yours, 5% expect to be flying FSX as their main sim for quite sometime into the future. Most said FS9 for them was a great product, to be kept into the foreseeable future.>This question has to some degree been brougth up before but I>haven't really found a definite answer.>>Since I have a lot of money invested in add-ons for FS9, I am>a bit reluctant to move to FSX. Therefore I was very>pleasantly surprised to read that we will have the MD-11 and>probably the 737V2 for fs9 too. But are there any major>improvements regarding functionality that I will miss if I>stick with the FS9 versions as compared to the FSX ones? I do>have FSX installed so I certainly know what the sim looks like>visually.
  4. a. Requirements for crosswind landing flight envelope are usually defined in the FAR /JAR according to which the aircraft is to be certified. The certified envelope assures the pilot that ample control and predictable response is available for such landings.b. There is nothing miraculous or spectacular in terms of pilot performance and technique during crosswind landing, while within the certified envelope. c. Greater ground clearance of lower aircraft surfaces such as engine nacelles, wings and horizontal tail, enable larger crosswind component landings, provided that the flight control system is also designed for this.d. The Boeing 747-400 is certified to 30Kt crosswind component for takeoff and landing, and 25Kt crosswind component for autoland. These figures are also valid (with one minor deviation) for all current Boeing transport aircraft.e. FAR often require applicants (usually the manufacturer) to demonstrate greater ability than is applied for. In such case, it is reasonable for the certification of 30Kt crosswind landings, that consistent landings be safely demonstrated during certification flight tests with a 40Kt crosswind component. Did that for a living ;-)>I read a while back that the new A380 did 6 landings in>Iceland during trials late in 2006 in cross winds of a steady>40 knots gusting to 56 knots. I could hardly believe it.>>On a flight into KDCA from KLGA last winter, we were landed in>our MD-80 in 40 knot winds which scared the heck out of me>when the pilot said we were going in, but he approached and>landed quite brilliantly.>>At times during the year, there are horrendous winds in my>region (northern VA) and I am amazed how jets continue to>operate in fierce winds.>>My question, then, is: what is the maximum cross-wind the 744>is certified to land in? I have read it is 25 or 30 knots for>an autoland (I think), but in view of the foregoing, does it>ever land in a 40 or 50 knot headwind or crosswind>(hand-flown, perhaps)?>>Jonathan
  5. Hello,why expect people to help with such complex simulation when you can't even sign posts?
  6. opherben

    MCP Speed

    Hello Tom,manufacturer and operator flight manuals are FAA (or other authorised office) approved manuals. The procedures therein are binding, not a matter of choice but of certification and qualification.>> It is common among many Boeing>>operators to set MCP speed to V2, suitable for engine loss.>>This is the right procedure, or at least is the one officially>issued by Boeing on its 757 Operations Manual. That should be>the reason many operators decide to follow it...>>Tom>>
  7. Hi,with 9000 real flight hours on 90 aircraft types and extensive experimental flight test background, to me it seems that we are talking about an incomplete product, like its predecessor. Look at the second forum thread as example for opinions. Judging by apparent company and forum level of activity, it appears that those finishing the development are either busy, or gone elswhere.>with over 2000hrs real>world jet time and many hours of PMDG/PIC, I find the PSS 757>to be absolutely superb. >Rake
  8. opherben

    MCP Speed

    Good question David, not so simple to answer. It depends on who you ask. Although the PSS tutorial uses V2+15, other sources say otherwise. It is common among many Boeing operators to set MCP speed to V2, suitable for engine loss. During takeoff, the pilot manually rotates to an attitude of V2+10/15/20, ignoring FD pitch command until after positive rising barometric and radar altitudes, then flying the FD, without exceeding passenger comfort attitude.>Hi,>>Quick question: there seems to be some misunderstanding about>the speed to set in the MCP Speed window at TO. Should it be>V2 or V2+15/20?>>David
  9. opherben

    737 NGX

    Greeting Hans, having been a PMDG client and forum reader for quite a while, let me make the following observation. PMDG releases news about its evolving products when available and in due time. One cannot expect dates in such circumstances, rightfully. Their staff is working on development and cannot answer each query when clear statements had already been made. Hang around and you will know when there is more NGX news. Personally I don't expect it out before the end of 2007.
  10. Does FS support that resolution?What does the error message identify as culprit after restart?You did not mention display and graphic adapter card and driver info.
  11. Thank you.There is no accurate info there. Since I know how to get such info myself, it was meant mostly for the benefit of the user public, such people publish this question now and then for a reason. I was hoping that PSS acknowledge, and will add it to the manual when practicable.>try this thread ->>http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...18821&mode=full>>(the above thread was the first hit when doing a forum>search using the terms "757 weights".)>>--
  12. Hello,would PSS kindly post empty weight data for the model variants, thanks.
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