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need help, I'm writing a flightsim career simulation..

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well.. at least I'm starting to work on it and I have to guard against creating a monster. I'm trying to establish how much a person could be in debt before trying to start there own air taxi/charter type of company. How much would it cost a person to for the following each PPL (from what I've studied around 9k in the USA)CPL - (btw, can you haul cargo at this point or do you need ATP?)ATP now additional ratingsSE floatplaneSE IFR ME IFRetc I need the cost for all exams, equipment (charts, headphones, etc) as well as medical exams... thanks.




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I can fill some in from personal experience: PPL - 10,000 (this includes supplies and medical)SE IFR - 5,500

Noah Bryant

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CPL can haul cargo yes, but you're unlikely to upgrade to the captain seat without your ATPL. CPL/ME/IR is highly desirable, as is a current CFI and CFII. There are jobs out there for <1000hrs with CPL/ME/IR - http://www.bestaviation.net/jobs/cape_air/. It depends the route you take. If you go for an all-in-one get it done course, you'll likely spend a tonne but might be quicker on the job to start paying off debts - In the UK this guy has done most of the requirements for ATPL for under 40k British Pounds - http://www.zerotoatpl.com/costs.html EagleJet in Miami will do the same for about the same - http://www.eaglejet.net/ PPL, $6-8K, IR $10k, CPL $12k. ATPL will vary based on how you do your hour-building, but figure a minimum of 5 hours on ME aircraft plus the theory tests and medical cost. http://www.pilotoutlook.com/pilot_training/pilot_licenses

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PPL- $5500IFR- $4000CSEL - $10000 (building time)CMEL add on - $3000-$4000 Like that guy said above me, it depends. The best way to figure is to sit down and go through part 61 or 141, and use local flight school's rental rates. then add $500-$1,000 per rating for fudge factor and the obvious time it will take to learn things from scratch. There are so many variables. For instance, most of my commercial time building (250 total needed) was done in a friends J-3 and C182. With those a/c I only paid for fuel.


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varies with nations too, some countries have a night rating, some don't. Al

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