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[Light Chatter]

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I love the community here, and suggest we create a community page for off topic chatter.I just wanted to share my experience here, as I know some people have similar interests to me [music] [hint ryan and co.]. This experience was the one of the most amazing I have experienced in my life. Here it is=To cut a fantastic and long story short. While house hunting in Leeds the last house on the list in fact, we came across a bunch of guys doing work on a house. [Didn't know who they were].Renovating it from scratch.We were in the building site, downstairs with one of the guys, [vaguely looked familiar but wasn't sure] and we were working out rent per months, bills etc.The dialogue went something like thisMe: Lets see here, I am not much of a mathematicianLaurence: Nor I, I am a musician,Me: Really?! Me too, I am an undergraduate at the UniversityLaurence: Nice! what genre of music?Me [Pointing to my dreads] : Can you guess? tongue.pngLaurence: Reggae??Me: Of course!Laurence ;Great, well me and the lads here are basically UB40..Me: Speechless **Basically not too long after, I signed the deeds, and the house is ours. Which means, My landlords are UB40...Such a special moment for me, one being a musician, two being a reggae nut headWill keep posted if interest follows.Alex

Alex Ridge

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She'll be waiting, in Kiiiiiiiiingston Town. Big Grin.gifHahah, great story.


Kevin L



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Wow.....really love 2 of their CDs. I bought those UB40 CDs during a Vacation in Sweden in the middle of 90, (worked in Saudi that time for 2 year)There wasn´t not much to do in Saudi, on the Camp-Site in the evening (in the north dessert), than just listen to music and those guys of course.Since then, those 2 CDs always follow us (me and wife) when Camping in our Caravans during spring and summer.My wife usally says: "Haven´t we heard enough of those CDs" Just love good Reggae....LOL/ Leffe/ Leffe

Leif A Mikkelsen


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