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disappointing first time installation

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Hi friends,

Today was a memorable day for me.

I dowloaded Prepar3d ( $199.-)

I have a massive new PC with the following specs:

I7 Extreem 2700K 4.3 GHz

Vertex3 SSD 240 Gb

Brand new ATI Radeon HD7970 ( top off the bill)

Asus P8 Z68-v pro motherboard

Win7 ultimate - 64


I have FSX installed on this PC

I am very happy and satisfied.

The framerates:

On runway 34R Tacoma seattle in the of the cockpit PMDG 737ngx 30 fps.(very frame intensive)

All sliders in the scenery maximum

After take off I have limited my fps on 40, without limiting 65 fps


After installation of P3D I was nervous like a child with a new toy.

After the scenery configuration, sliders default, and the configuration of my screenresolution and other sliders I took myself to seattle.


To make a long story short,

With the default mooney Bravo a have a massive lost of framerate in comparison with fsx.

On the runway 14 fps and in the air 20 fps.( with this simple default plane)

After several times of tuning p3d and minimizing the detail sliders in the scenery this was the maximum result of my efforts.

There is a graphic distortion too.

On my screen is a second transparent desktop visible.

I reloaded my ATI Radeon drivers, this had no result.


I realize that I sound very negative but on this moment I am not very happy.

Fine tuning an application is always necessary but I did my best and had no result.

I am very disappointed.


Who can give me some advise.


Regards Kees

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Sign up to the Prepar3D forum and request suppport there.. It appears you're running a Vanilla install with no addons (make that known) so you will definitely get some good support directly from Lockheed Martin.

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Yep that would be very disappointing with the rig you have and the clean bill put in place. As a nVidia user no guide on the Radeon however would pursue it with ATi and LM.


Its often suggested that Bathymetry should be disabled both in Display / Scenery and in Scenery Library as this is both unecessary if you are purely flying above ground and a huge framerate killer.

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Also water reflections have been known to cause issues with certain payware planes (when you get that far) so turn it off too..(same as water quality in FSX afaik)


Keep at it, Kees. I have P3d working like a dream now. When I first installed it, it too ran like a dog. I too was miffed!


It does have a few of the choice cfg tweaks integrated into it already (like HIGHMEMFIX) but I know it can still benefit from certain other tweaks. Take a copy of your cfg file and then run it through Bojote's tool. It worked wonders on my cfg file. (


I now run with loads of addons and the ORBX scenery (using free cross-installation tool) and it is great, and much more stable than FSX, especially after a long session/flight


EDIT: Also, Kees..I have every slider set far right and 4096 textures, but I have limited P3d to 29/30fps inside the program (as opposed to the NVI and external limiters)..See this post and try the same stuff: http://forum.avsim.n...-guide-for-fsx/ It's for FSX but pretty much of it still does stuff in P3d..I'm not so sure about the people who say they are getting killer smoothness with no tweaks in P3d..I tried it, and my system kicks &@($*, but for me, I needed a tweak or two to realise its full potential - I don't think it's that far from FSX LOL





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The images you posted are exactly the same as I had with FSX when my old Radeon 4890 graphics card was failing. Its possible you may have a faulty card that needs replacing.

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Hi friends.


Thank you for your support.


This ASUS HD7970 is the second graphics card I received.

The first one was a faulty graphics card with all red stripes and blocks on the BIOS screen.

I sent it back and received a new one.


With this graphics card I have no further problems.

Only in Prepar3d I have the problem of the second transparent desktop in half the screen.


FSX works fantastically well on this PC and this same ASUS DCII HD7970

So I can not go back to ASUS and ask for a new card.

I think the problem is in P3D


I did sign up in the Prepar3D forum with this problem and I sent the same story to prepar3d support.

I did not receive an answer yet because of the weekend.


Jake, of course my FSX is tuned by ******* Bojote also.

Thank you for your comments and the link to the guide-for-fsx,I will serously read them.


I think the first problem is my screen.

I'll wait for an answer of P3D support.

The second problem is the fine-tuning.


I'll let you know on this forum


Regards Kees

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Hi Kees;


I installed P3D 2 months ago and had same results as you did, tried the usual known tweaks with no luck, I never opened P3D since then, very disappointed with it and willing to know what will solve your problem so I can try my luck.


Good luck with P3D support.

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P3D support is very good when the problem is with P3D.


They will not (and cannot) help with any add-on/scenery/non-default plane issues; other than that I have found them all to be most helpful, and more importantly, actually there, when it comes to support...try getting support for FSX :smile:

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I dowloaded Prepar3d ( $199.-)


Now I'm confused. $199? Why would you pay $200. I thought this was $50.00. Did they changed the pricing?

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They dit not change the pricing.

The academic license $50.- and the private license $199.-

I am not a student (I am an older flightsimmer, 62 years young ) and I have no connections with them, so my price for P3D is $199.-



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