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Configuring a new FSX machine:

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I'm trying to configure a new machine with the main purpose being running FSX. There are a number of issues/trade-offs that I'm not sure how they will affect performance of FSX. Don't want to spend an extra $200 for an extra .3 FPS, but do want to really get the most FPS I can.


Here is a list of the issues I am currently thinking about:


1. i7 2600k/2700k or 3820? Right now I'm planning on CyperPowerPC as vendor for my new machine, which means a 3820 processor (I would get the 3.6Ghz plus the "30% or more" over-clocking option). But I've heard that the 2600k might be more easily over-clockable. And I've heard that processor speed is pretty much the key to high perf FSX. Should I be worried about the 3820? Seek out a 2600k machine elsewhere?


2. Over-clocking in general. Never done it before. Should I be scared -- is it a black art or pretty straight-forward nowadays? Is choosing the 30% rated parts the smart way to go?


3. Video card. I will confess that I will play some games other than FSX. I am debating between the NVidia 560 GTX ti, and the NVidia 670 GTX. Will the 670 actually have any effect on FSX vs. the 560? Or will I be so CPU bound that the GPU won't matter?


4. Memory speed. Planning on 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz, 4 sticks of 4 each. I realize this is more memory than FSX will need. But would the faster memory (2000Mhz) have any effect on framerate in FSX at all?


5. Motherboard. Planning on the ASUS P9X79 deluxe. Not sure if this is the best choice for over-clocking or not. I've heard some motherboards are "easier" to overclock than others. Is this motherboard overkill?


6. CyberPowerPC. Is this a good choice. Any other gaming machine providers I should be considering?


7. Timing. I might wait until early July to order. If I were to do that, is there anything on the near horizon that makes waiting make more sense?


8. SSD vs spinning disk. I know I can't afford an SSD big enough to hold my FSX install and data. But should I be getting an SSD (120GB, or 240GB) as my boot drive? If I do, what effect will it have on FSX in terms of loading time?


I am close to pulling the trigger on this machine, but I want to make sure I'm not making a mistake on some of these choices, because it'll be my machine for a couple of years or more. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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1: just make sure it has a 'k' suffix. The specific model doesn't matter all that much. Also make sure your motherboard chipset will support overclocking (ie... P67, z68, etc...)


2: It's easy. Just find a guide online for your motherboard & follow it.


3: Gtx6xx would allow higher aa settings, but won't affect fps much. Save the cash & buy the 560ti


4: Your fsx machine will never need more than 4-6gb. Get a good cas7 8gb kit (2x4gb) and don't look back. Memory speed used to matter in overclocking but it's independent of CPU speed in sandy/ivy bridge systems. 1333 is fine.


5: I prefer ASUS, but any decent manufacturer will be fine. I also prefer deluxe because voltages seem to be more stable than in pro/le boards. That could just be placebo effect though.


6: Drop the prebuild vendors. It's easy & cheaper to assemble a pc.


7: not really. There's Intel's ivy bridge series CPUs & nvidia's 6xx cards, but those are the only major upgrades. Anything else will just be the normal incremental updates that always happen over time.


8: There is a significant decrease in load times, but it won't improve fps. If money is a consideration try 2 10k rpm drives or a 10k for the os/other apps and a 120ssd for fsx.

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I looked at that Cyber Power PC when I thought I'd get a Desktop, worked out a couple hundred cheaper to do it myself! Not that I did as I got a Laptop in the end. Even on this I get 30FPS with the NGX on fairly high settings!

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I have used cyberpower in the past, they are great BUT expensive compared to building your own.



Honest to god its a scary prospect but the manuals that are supplied with the components tell you everything on how to build a computer [especcially the motherboard manual]

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Have a look in hardware-section of the avsim forums.

Especially the software / hardware guide will shed a light on some of the things you're looking into..

Helped me out a lot!

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