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anybody know anything about this?

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just curious if anybody has this or knows anything more about it.

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There is a lot of copyright infringement going on there as the video clearly shows imagery from legitimate FSX developers.

Matthew Kane


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Yeah this is old news really, having cropped up in Avsim's hangar chat on a regular basis, and it's always the same story; these guys have basically been rebranding FlightGear, for years, under various different names, and claiming it is some new masterpiece 'must have' sim. Expect it to be rebranded again as Plane-X, X-Aviate, Flight-X or something like that in a year or so when LR's X-Plane and MS's Flight penetrate the wider sphere of recognition, since like most scams, it stands on sounding vaguely familiar. Doubtless it will reappear with some showy video promo knocked up in Vegas, Flash, After Effects or whatever, as it normally does.


The free, open source flight simulator FlightGear, which is what it is in fact based on, is indeed a great sim, but FlightGear is free. Sadly however, because it is free and open source, there is little they can do to stop this scam. But one look at the scam website - or any of its previous incarnations - tells you all you need to know if you are reasonably au fait with the flight sim world. There are, for example, no recommendations or quotes from anyone you have ever heard of on any of the well known flight sim enthusiast's websites, whereas if you go to any of the big well known flight sim developer websites, you'll almost always find quotes from reviews by Flightsim.com, Avsim.com, PC Pilot etc. This is enough of a clue for savvy flight simmers of course, but unfortunately, it also means that it is invariably people who are new to flight simming that get taken in by the scam, and that will doubtless continue to happen, since unscrupulous people will continue to be unscrupulous if there is money to be made.


As Tom Allensworth said on the matter, if there really was some fab new flight sim available, it would be all over Avsim's news pages in a heartbeat, which in fact it recently was, but not in a good way.



Alan Bradbury

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Seriously. The website has so many videos from YouTube that I have watched... If I was one of those makers of those FSX movies, I'd sue this company/group/guy. Like what the hell? The screenshots are all from FSX! (Some are from X-Plane, but I can't confirm that since I don't use it)

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