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  1. Hi Phil, Can I also get the download links? I would appreciate it greatly. -Ivan
  2. I upgraded from a XFX 7800GTX 256 MB to a eVGA 8800GTX 768MB. The difference in FS9 is so minimal, it's not worth it for that. I am using an AMD 4000+ San Diego chip and to be quite frank with you, for FS9 it really didn't make a dent. I didn't notice much of anything except that I can raise the Anti-Aliasing to incredibly high levels without any loss of frames.For FSX, it did make it from almost not usable to usable. FSX works great now, but I still feel that it won't work with a PMDG or LevelD level aircraft. It's just too slow. Hopefully DX10 and dual core support will fix that.But when it comes to everything else, this card is a beast. Half Life 2, Battlefield 2, GTR 2, FEAR, UT2004, Quake 4......all of these games are so fast frame-rate wise. Even running with high AA and AF, at a resolution of 1600x1200, this card handles these games without even trying. Everything is 100fps or higher (I kid you not). Let me also mention that the image quality is also improved. Very impressive.Word of caution though....this card is HUGE. I have an Antec P180 case and it barely fits in that. The card is touching the hard drives on the other side.But like I said, for FS9....it's a waste of money. Even SLI doesn't help FS9 so getting another 7800GTX wouldn't help much.If you have any specific questions about it, let me know.Best regards,Ivan
  3. The comparison with fl350.com is a great idea. Thanks for that tip.-Ivan
  4. >Geez, for the most part, I hide my FS addiction...That's exactly what I would have said. I usually get asked, "so you don't get to shoot down other planes????"To really answer the question though, I just takeoff from Teterboro on the Flight1 C172 or C152 and have them fly around Manhattan (Aerosoft Manhattan).For those very very few that I'm not too embarassed to admit my addiction, I might show them some of the routine to get the engines on with Dreamfleet's 727. This really does show how much it is "as real as it gets." However, I then usually get asked, "and this is fun for you???"The answer, of course, is a big resounding YES!!!!!!
  5. Hi Folks,I finally got a reason to register. I've been quiet on this forum for quite some time now. Hopefully I can help out.I bought the Avanti on Friday and low and behold, the installer would crash as was described above. After looking almost everywhere, I was able to get it to work after I uninstalled WINDOWBLINDS. Can you believe it? I guess the same would happen with StyleXP or Alienware theme managers.I actually found the answer in the FSD forum. I don't know why but their forum only shows very new posts and you have to figure out how to display older posts.Also, in defense of FSD, they did email me the next day and did mention the windowblinds issue. They should put it in their FAQ's though.Regards,Ivan
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