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Robert McDonald

Need help flying confusing TEC Route out of KSAN (Lindbergh Field)

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Hi all- I frequently fly out of KSAN (DeltaVA) and I am mystified by a TEC Route, the SANN4




Departing RNWY 27 (HDG 272)


and then I....??


do I fly the MZB radial until it intersects with the SLI Radial, then take the SLI radial into Seal Beach?


I am confused as to when I do what... Note: The Runway 27 Track does NOT intersect ANY of the Fix Radials given.


The above route includes two fixes and two radials. They DO intersect each other.


When do I leave the Runway 27 (273 degrees) heading after takeoff?




MZB (Mission Bay)

293 Radial


SLI (Seal Beach)

148 Radial


Seal Beach


Then into LAX ILS for the 25L runway


Someone who knows - I would appreciate. ASSUME NO ATC is available (I fly X-Plane 64-bits- no 64-bit Vatsim (YET)


Airplane is B772/Q

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Take a look at the SID "LNSAY THREE" departure and it should give you a good idea. I shows MZB R297 as opposed to R293, but further up route you will see SLI R148. You can improvise the TEC by drawing a line to approx MZB R293; by extending the SLI R148 until the two intersect and create that as a fix; then note the type of turn on the SID typical to get you to the MZB R297 radial and assume the turn on LNSAY THREE is a turn consistent with the departure you found.

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